Meet and Greet Welcome to Panama Program

Meet and Greet Welcome to Panama Program The Do Panma Relocation Program has been designed to help people move to Panama in the smoothest transition possible. We will be linking you with the best attorneys, insurance brokers, real estate agents, other resources, and even schools (if needed). All, while walking alongside of you during the entire process. We can also assist you in connecting with a transportation company that will help you bring your household goods and pet(s) to Panama.

We are here for you to have the best experience, and a good time, in the process. We thrive on making sure our customers and new friends get the best service, and get connected with the right resources, to make the experience as enjoyable as humanly possible.

We want all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. We are your knowledge base in Panama.

Thinking about relocation

Thinking of changing things up with a new location?

Do Panama Relocation is here to assit you along every step of your journey.


Here is an example of an itinerary:

Prior to Arriving in Panama

  • A scheduled one-hour video conference. (WhatsApp, Zoom, or Facebook)
  • Complete our 23 Questions – Where Should I live Questionnaire.
  • Unlimited email correspondence (Before, during, and after you arrive.)

Day One in Panama

  • Pick up/Meet at Tocumen International Airport (PTY).
  • A welcome beverage (alcohol, coffee, or soda) at the hotel.

Day Two in Panama

  • Visit the Panama Canal Miraflores Visitor’s Center
  • Lunch
  • Chauffeured to a meeting (attorney, insurance broker, or real estate agent)
  • Attorney: Please note that you will have communications with an attorney prior to arriving in Panama; however, we will accompany you and provide the transportation to the initial in-person meeting.

    Insurance Broker: If you are interested in finding out more about insurance provided here in Panama.

    Real Estate Agent: (If the agent(s) you will be working with is in another region(s) in Panama, we will coordinate a virtual meeting prior to you making the drive, flight, or bus ride to that location.) We work with, and only recommend, the best and most ethical Real Estate Brokers in Panama.

Day Three in Panama – Your Stay

In the morning you check-out of the hotel and begin your journey in Panama.

Last Day in Panama

Back to airport.


A Final Meet Up – We would like to get together with you on your last day before leaving Panama. (This can be a virtual meeting.)

Our goal is to make sure you had the most memorable experience. We also want your feedback and to have all your questions answered before you leave. And lastly, to ensure you have adequate transportation to the airport.

Now that you are all set up, you just need to pack and be ready for your flight. In the meantime, we will continue unlimited email correspondence for any further questions, insights, or concerns you may have.

Are you still undecided on the best location in Panama for you? We offer a 3-destination-sampler where we can set up 3 hotels, or rental units, in 3 locations that we decide on together with you. We can arrange for either a 1-week, or a 1-month, stay in each location.

The cost of our “Meet and Greet Welcome to Panama Program” is $300 (plus the 7% IBTMS tax). The price is for you and one guest. Our preferred payment method is PayPal. It is the quickest, easiest, and safest form of payment. Please send us the best email to send a PayPal payment request to you. (A bank wire transfer is accepted, but it is difficult and costly with the additional bank transfer fees.)

*** Note, if there are more than two people coming on your trip, please contact us for specialized pricing to meet your needs.

We also offer more in-depth services beyond our initial Meet and Greet Welcome to Panama Program. If you would like more information on these services, please let us know. We can discuss these options during the one-hour video conference call.

Please note that our Do Panama Relocation Program has been designed with our client’s finances in mind. What keeps our prices low is due to the alliances we have in place with the affiliates in our network.

One thing that is especially important to us is that we keep this program going the way it has been designed. We want to assist great people, like yourself, with a very affordable option to receive the best services available. And we want to make your journey to Panama an eventful one.

All commissions’ Do Panama receives from our affiliates will NEVER increase the prices you pay for their services, on a rental property, or on the purchase of a home. On the contrary, we typically can help you get lower costs and the best deal possible when buying or renting.