New cruise terminal in process

The project will have the capacity to receive two cruise ships simultaneously and manage up to 5 million passengers per year....

Austin Hess 2020-10-15 12:07:21

The new cruise terminal built on Perico Island, at Causeway Amador, has 60% construction progress and is estimated to be operational by the end of October 2019, according to a declaration of the State Communication Secretariat. The project, whose investment represents $ 165 million, will have the capacity to receive two cruise ships simultaneously and manage up to 5 million passengers per year. In addition, the terminal will include green areas, parking lots, and state-of-the-art technology for passenger boarding and baggage distribution.

The construction of this project is under the responsibility of Cruceros del Pacifico consortium -China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) and Jan De Nul Panamá (JDN). During its construction, more than 5 thousand workers have been employed directly and indirectly. On the other side, Panamanian authorities hope that this new terminal will become the Home Port on the Pacific side and a mandatory destination for new cruise routes such as Alaska, California, and the Pacific in general.

This is how senior executives of the Norwegian Cruise Line company expressed their interest in starting operations at the new cruise terminal in 2020, as recently reported by the president of the republic Juan Carlos Varela. "The main purpose of this project is to make Panama the most modern and safest terminal in the American Pacific, allowing thousands of travelers to connect with their favorite routes," he said.

The statistics of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) and the Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP), determined that a total of 233 cruises arrived in Panamanian territory, adding the activity of the ports of Amador, Cristobal, and Isla Colon, during the period between September 2018 and April 2019. According to this report, 79% of the cruise activity occurs in the Port of Colón 2000 (on the Atlantic side), which receives most international landings. As for passengers disembarked in Panama, the figure exceeds 300 thousand tourists, mainly to the coast of Colon.

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