The Whiskey Store, the place to find the perfect gift for these holidays

The Whiskey Store is a new liquor and spirits store that proposes an innovative boutique concept which consists of tasting and buying premium label liquors...

Austin Hess 2022-12-01 05:16:56

The Diageo Whiskey Store has returned at Multiplaza Pacific Mall, the place where you can find the perfect gift for these festivities with an incredible option of engravings on the bottle. The Whiskey Store is a new liquor and spirits store that proposes an innovative boutique concept, which consists of tasting and buying premium label liquors.

The boutique has a wide select variety of flavors where you can find products of a huge range of quality and variety such as Buchanan, The Singleton, Johnnie Walker in its different varieties and much more. This space not only offers the purchase but the experience and a show to consumers where they can have the opportunity not only to taste the quality of different whiskeys but also to understand them at a level that deepens the elaboration and history of the origin of each whiskey.

The deepening of its preparation is offered to consumers in an apprenticeship where they can find the different shades that will be discovered on the palate and that will lead to their own tastes through an incomparable experience. If you want to understand more of this world this Christmas The Whiskey Store is the perfect place.

“The Whiskey Store was born as a space for convenience and education, where people can find the best Diageo spirits and learn about their characteristics, to make sure they find the perfect gift for their loved ones; In this way, our brands continue to be at the center of the most special celebrations for our consumers, always accompanied by the promotion of responsible consumption”, says Jorge Araujo, VP of Marketing & Innovation at Diageo.

This spectacular inauguration took place on December 1 at Multiplaza Pacific Mall and had large presences of directors from Diageo and Global Brands, who are the official distributor of Diageo in Panama, there were also recognized public figures and the presence of various media who could understand the concept and the elegance that The Whiskey Store came to provide.

Don't let them tell you about the experience, come and see The Whiskey Store which will be temporarily open until January 15, 2023 during mall hours. Do not miss this incredible experience that will change your palate in a unique and exceptional way.

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