Discover the Bayano Lake

Discover the Bayano Lake

Austin Hess 2020-10-14 03:04:15

Bayano Lake, located on the eastern side of the province of Panama, is a reservoir created when the Bayano River was dammed in 1976 causing the flooding of the surrounding areas and, therefore, the movement of entire rural and indigenous communities, as well as wildlife to higher grounds. Today, these communities live on the lakeshore and their main economic source is based on fishing, specifically Tilapia which is a freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes. Other communities have seen tourism as a safer source of income and social development.

In terms of surface area, it is the second largest lake in Panama, exceeded only by Lake Gatun. Despite Bayano Lake can be labeled as an artificial lake due to the construction of the dam, its location, weather conditions and particular rock formations have allowed the development of a rich environment in abundant flora and fauna, as well as breathtaking landscapes which create the perfect conditions to promote different outdoor and sports activities for all tastes.

There are many options, from excursions with kayaks through the narrow paths known by the most varied rock formations that encourage professional climbers to open new routes; to guided trails along the Bayano Caves located on the southern side of the lake. Here is possible to see stalactites and stalagmites formed millions of years ago, as well as a variety of animals living inside the caves such as: spiders, grasshoppers, bats and snakes hiding behind rocks along the river. This excursion includes a 60 minutes’ walk inside the cave, and at the end, there is a beautiful natural pool illuminated by sunlight where is possible to rest before getting back.

All these activities are being organized by local companies working together with members of the surrounding communities who make their best effort to provide an original experience. Certainly, Bayano is a growing tourism attraction with a great potential that will allow to create and offer a range of activities for everyone just a few kilometers away from Panama City.

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