Celebration of the international museum day

Celebration of the international museum day

Austin Hess 2020-10-14 02:51:50

The International Museum Day is celebrated on May 18 with the aim of raising awareness about cultural exchange and the development of mutual understanding. The best way to commemorate this special day is by visiting the wide range of options currently available in Panama City that will take you on a journey through history, art, science, culture, archeology, among other topics. Here you will find a list of the most prominent museums in the city that should be included in your cultural calendar of the month.

Travel to the past and discover the ancient city in the Visitor Center of Panama Viejo. In the exhibition you will find pottery, gold pieces and maps of the routes taken by the conquerors. It is an opportunity to discover the history of the first city founded by Spaniards on the Pacific coast of the American continent and the vestiges of its pre-Hispanic inhabitants. The visit features a path of 1.5 km that can be done in 2 hours, including the museum, a walk through the site and the ascent to the viewpoint.

At the Panama Canal Museum located in Casco Viejo, you can relive the history behind the construction of the Panama Canal, as well as learn how and when the first submarine cable was installed to improve communications on the isthmus. Through the careful selection, acquisition and exhibition of objects and materials related to the history, construction, technology and operation of the Canal, this museum provides the most complete information about this architectural wonder.

Biomuseo is the only building in Latin America designed by the famous Canadian architect Frank Gehry that tells the history of the isthmus and its importance in the world's biodiversity. Other museums within the capital area are: Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Colonial Religious Art, Afro-Antillean Museum, Interpretation Center of the City of Knowledge and the Bolivar Museum. We encourage you to schedule a day of visits to these different museums and get to know the multiple elements that define this wonderful country.

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