FRANK’s Place

The latest creation of Chef Robert Santomenno Wallace who honors his grandfather’s name as well as his love of Italy by way of his culinary talents...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2022-06-24 02:11:18

FRANK’s Place is the latest creation of Chef Robert Santomenno Wallace, who honors his grandfather’s name as well as his love of Italy, by way of his culinary talents.  Frank Santomenno was an Italian American who came to Panama in the 1960’s. He was a well-known business man and entrepreneur and was responsible for introducing computers to Panama as well as Cable TV, and in 1975 founded the ever popular REPROSA, the result of his love of the arts and of his interest in preserving the historical significance of his new home.

Robert´s first restaurant, The WALLACE Pub and Kitchen, was named for his Scottish grandfather, who was a mess hall cook during the Second World War, and who was responsible for inspiring Robert’s love of cooking. But Robert was also brought up on the cuisine of his Italian ancestors, having been influenced by his paternal grandfather Frank, who maintained the old country’s gastronomic traditions with family recipes passed down through generations.

Frank’s Place’s menu is extensive with options for all tastes, including pasta dishes, brick-oven pizzas, and traditional recipes served with homemade sauces, all prepared with the freshest ingredients to guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience. The intrepid mixology of Frank’s Place has been created to perfectly match the ambiance and decoration with a great variety of whiskey and wines, as well as classic cocktails. The Italian Margarita, Big Apple Mojito, Italian Mule, and Limoncello Spritz are just some of Frank’s signature preparations.

The music and movies of the 1950’s, a time when Frank came of age, is the inspiration for the restaurant’s décor. There is even an original 1953 Harley Davidson motorcycle, brother Archie’s prized possession, on display. From the “gangster” outfits of the waiters to the photos of famous movie stars of the era, one has a sense of stepping back in time and just might expect another Frank to step into the scene while favoring us with a rendition of “My Way”.

Frank’s Place is in Downtown Plaza, Costa del Este. Opening hours are 12 pm–12 am, Tuesday through Sunday.

Follow @franksplacepanama on Instagram and come to discover their outdoor terrace, where your pet is welcome! Contact: +507 394-6998 - Web: - FB: Frank's Place Panamá

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