Eolian Rooftop & BBQ

A place that attracts everyone with a versatile concept unique service excellent gastronomic offer radiant atmosphere and affordable prices...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2022-03-14 01:45:25

Eolian Rooftop & BBQ was created by the passion of some friends for the art of wood and charcoal cooking, the challenge of understanding fire and its qualities, the versatility of meats and grilled preparations in general. All this effort and dedication allowed them to turn a hobby among friends into a restaurant with their first Rooftop & BBQ in Condado del Rey. A place that attracts everyone with a versatile concept, unique service, excellent gastronomic offer, radiant atmosphere, and affordable prices.

The name Eolian comes from the Greek mythology “Aeolus” the God of Winds, which describes the refreshing breeze that is felt at their Rooftop & BBQ. This name reflects the character and authenticity of the concept, with exotic open spaces created to enjoy every evening.

This successful proposal led them to the recent opening of Eolian Rooftop & BBQ on the terrace of Balboa Boutique, from where it is possible to enjoy the true Eolian experience on a higher level, now with unique views of the Bay of Panama.

The menu is a journey through the most exquisite and elaborate simmering preparations such as the delicious Pork Belly or the Angus Prime Brisket seasoned with house rub after having undergone a smoked process of 10 to 14 hours. This meat will simply melt on contact with your palate, as well as the different cuts of meat, chicken, and fish prepared at the moment.

The bar of Eolian Rooftop & BBQ also shines on its own. With intrepid cocktails and a great variety of liquors that have been selected to perfectly pair with the cuisine and nightlife on the terrace, under the light of the stars and the unparalleled view of this cosmopolitan city.

This is how Eolian Rooftop & BBQ has quickly become an icon in Panama City’s nightlife and is the best place to organize private events, parties, and celebrate any special occasion in an environment created to live a multisensory experience that will make you repeat. Follow them at @eolianpanama to stay up to date with all the news and promos.

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