MaaGoo Fish Tacos

All dishes are prepared with top-quality products to provide a simply delicious and environmentally sustainable gastronomic experience...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2022-03-09 02:01:27

MaaGoo Fish Tacos was born from the passion of Captain Carlos Henríquez, founder of Blue Adventures Panama, pioneer charter company in the Bay of Panama, with the intention of going beyond simply selling food and becoming a place to share experiences. MaaGoo’s specialty is smoked fish with Jamaican flavors and So’Cal cuisine.

MaaGoo is the reflection of Captain Carlos and his family’s lifestyle. They are passionate and respectful of the sea, practicing sustainable fishing to bring the right fish to the table for every occasion, and where integrity, humility and consistency have allowed them to conquer the palate and the conscience of customers.

Under this approach, MaaGoo Fish Tacos opened its doors as a result of a desire that prompted Captain Carlos to bring the knowledge that he usually shares with people during his tours on the Pacific waters of Panama aboard his ship 28 ‘Pursuit AZUL, who can observe the growing ecological impact caused by the excessive use of harmful and invasive fishing techniques. 

MaaGoo wants to bring this awareness of sustainable consumption to the table by using raw materials obtained through artisanal fishing, which meets standards of sustainability and preservation of the environment. This place serves to spread the message of the preservation of oceans, sustainable fishing and the need of changing our way of thinking and consuming to reduce environmental footprint. 

From the first moment you enter the restaurant, you will discover this authentic concept that perfectly mixes a casual style with touches of wood, beach decorations, artistic fish prints under the traditional Japanese technique of “Gyotaku” (recognized among sea lovers), and an open kitchen where you can watch the dynamics behind the stove; evoking the style of a classic beach restaurant in the South Florida Keys. 

The menu is based on fresh fish, highlighting the signature dishes including Smoked Fish Chili, Fish Head Soup, slow-smoked Jerk Fish or Chicken, as well as burritos, bowls, salads, ceviche, guacamole and much more. All these dishes are prepared with top-quality products to provide a simply delicious and environmentally sustainable gastronomic experience. 

For more information follow Instagram: @maagoosfishtacos Web: Phone: +507 317-6850

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