Emotions Dinner-Theater

Can’t be compared with any other entertainment venue in the city and The concept displays the best of Las Vegas shows with a European flavor to enhance your nightlife experience...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2022-02-14 08:15:50

Are you looking for a place to spend a different kind of nighttime entertainment in Panama City, a place that combines unique live Las Vegas entertainment with incredible cuisine and cutting-edge mixology? The answer is easy; you must go to Emotions Dinner Theater!!!

Emotions Dinner Theater can’t be compared with any other entertainment venue in the city. The concept displays the best of Las Vegas shows with a European flavor to enhance your nightlife experience. It is the talk of the town with first-class “burlesque” shows combined with a variety of celebrity look-alikes such as Michael Jackson, who sings and dances (you will think you’re seeing him live and in-person). Enjoy the best performances to heat up your night with a one-of a-kind experience for couples, friends, or traveling businessmen.

The goal of Emotions Dinner Theater is to create experiences to fill your night with emotions through exotic Las Vegas entertainment shows with the performances of an incredible team of versatile artists led by world-renowned choreographer Alejandro Martinez. They fill each night at Emotions Dinner Theater with fun surprises and create unforgettable moments.

Get impressed by the talents of Cirque du Soleil performers, contortionists, and dancers that are trained to perform aerial silks, assorted crazy acrobatics, and amazing shows like Moulin Rouge, Burlesque dancing, and much more!  Be dazzled by a contemporary stage with the most advanced technology to include laser lights, smoke machines, screens, mirrors, an impeccable sound system, and 3 VIP rooms specially designed for private events and celebrations.

The success of Emotions Dinner Theater lies in the ability to combine great entertainment with good cuisine and exotic cocktails.

In the kitchen is the World Class Chef, Leonel Saavedra, who creates the most unbelievable dishes made with different cuts of the best imported meats, delicious seafood, including the catch of the day, octopus, shrimp, and lobster. Comfort finger food to share such as; burgers, pizzas, chicken wings, and more, offer well-rounded choices to suit all tastes. In addition try the delicious desserts!

All this paired with refreshing homemade cocktails, boutique tequilas and vodkas that you will only find in Emotions Dinner Theater. We are open from Mondays through Saturdays from 7 pm with two live shows and the famous “After Dark” party where the sensuality of the performances will spice up your night. It is the best place for bachelor parties, birthdays, and romantic/erotic escapes for couples. 

You can even book the entire venue for private events any day of the week and include Dinner and Shows. For reservations call + 507 6999-5245 and follow @Emotionsdinnertheater for more updates, promos, and events to come.

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