Airports of Panama and the new improvements that make a big change in the economic world...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-09-28 02:25:43


Enrique Malek Airport, located in the province of Chiriquí, announces that by the end of September the adjustments will be completed, which include expansion and reconstruction improvements on the platform, thus improving the air traffic of planes that arrive daily at this international airport.

The improvements include flexible pavements with the main purpose of providing the terminal with sufficient capacity to receive Fokker F-100 aircraft from Air Panama or Boeing 737-800 models from Copa Airline, and among other aircraft, which will guarantee the safe maneuvering of aircraft, and the extension of the useful life of airport infrastructures. Making it possible to have efficient airport facilities to attract airlines from various regions of the world, encouraging tourism and economic development of the Chiriquí province.


Panamá Pacifico airport is working on its expansion and remodeling in order to provide better services to all passengers and thus being able to return to operate all air routes. All these improvements will include waterproofing, supply and installation of rain gutters and roof, check-in stations, renovations in air conditioning systems, constructive interventions in check-in and migration controls, departure lounges expansion as well as arrival and departure baggage areas. It is estimated that these improvements will be ready by October 2021

These changes will help to offer a broader operating capacity and the possibility of serving two aircraft simultaneously, which will help reduce waiting times and providing a better service to all customers and airlines that use these facilities. In addition, these improvements will optimize operational capacity and offer a terminal that will provide greater comfort to passengers, better possibilities for competitiveness, and international connectivity in Western Panama.


Tocumen International Airport with its new Terminal 2 has become a cutting-edge airport in Latin America that operates with a first world-class system. The growth of the airport is one of the most ambitious and fundamental projects at a logistical level to increase the development of tourism, the economy, and air traffic.

This new terminal has managed to satisfy the great demand for new flight frequencies, new airlines and thousands of passengers who daily enter and leave the country, also for those who make their connection to other destinations.

Among the new systems that the airport now has, we can mention the security system that allows the re-checking of passengers which may highlight some irregular situations. We also could mention the modern luggage review system where six scanners will check the content and determine if and suitcase should have an additional security check in the event of possible situations that may arise.

In the same way, there will be a growth in parking lots, the Duty-Free and restaurants will have a much more spacious area, there will be a VIP room and diplomatic lounge which is destined to receive diplomatic and consular missions, presidents, ministers of states, magistrates, deputies and among other persons with official authorization.

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