San Bonani Farm

Is a 175-hectare working dairy farm located in Boquete Panama the farm has recently suffered from a lack of investment yields are low and systems are inefficient and so has created a very unique investment opportunity...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-08-25 02:13:35

Do you know that Panama imports over 70% of the country’s total milk consumption? Or that the average milk production per cow / per day is 17 liters compared to Europe and North America, where the average is around 35 - 38 liters? And yet, Panama has the perfect climatic and soil condition to improve these numbers while reducing the country’s dependency on imported food?

San Bonani Farm, is a 175-hectare working dairy farm located in Boquete - Panama, the farm has recently suffered from a lack of investment, yields are low and systems are inefficient...and so has created a very unique investment opportunity.

Lead by Maurice Kane, an Irish born dairy farmer with over 10 years of experience managing significant farming projects in Panama and, previously, in Senegal where he managed 1,500 local employees and a 1,200 head beef herd; Maurice recently described the company’s mission“ to operate a dairy farm combining the perfect regional climatic conditions with the implementation of European technologies and North American high output farming practices to become the leading and most efficient producer of milk in Panama and throughout the region” .

This investment opportunity has been backed by Banco Nacional, and now is looking for partners to fund the modernization of the infrastructure, machinery, and implementation of the new technologies.

With a 5-year plan that will improve the nutritional value in the grasslands, increase herd size from the current 150 cows to 700 in the first 12 months and to 1,500 by the end of the 2nd year, improve animal welfare, implement technology and modern dairy milking systems, improve stock and breeding lines with artificially inseminated pure-bred Holstein/Friesian/Jersey, and achieve self-sufficient supply of food supplements.

The investment opportunities at San Bonani Farm are unique and designed to suit different levels of participation. Whether it is you want equity participation, a 5-year Loan Note offering a coupon of 10% per annum or a 5-year Capital Growth Bond returning 12% per annum we would like to hear from you to discuss the options. 

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