Recetas Michilá & Octo Caribbean Grill Restaurante at Doña Mara Beach Hotel

Recetas Michilá & Octo Caribbean Grill Restaurante at Doña Mara Beach Hotel

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-08-23 02:12:22

Bocas del Toro is a jewel in the Panamanian Caribbean due to its authentic natural beauty, wonderful beaches with coral sand and turquoise waters, coupled with the town’s cultural richness and its people who welcome each tourist with open arms to show the best of this tropical paradise through culture, traditions and gastronomy.

A proud pioneer and promoter of gastronomic tourism in Bocas del Toro is the renowned chef Joseph Archbold, better known as “Junior”, who was born in this archipelago and has worked tirelessly to tell the history of a region through the flavors of each dish designed to impress the palate of tourists and locals in his two emblematic gastronomic projects: Octo, Restaurante Caribeño on Isla Colón and Receta Michilá located at Doña Mara Beach Resort on Isla Carenero.

The cultural background of Chef Archbold is the combination of local traditions with touches of Afro-Caribbean influences present in the archipelago, with the use of ingredients from the Panamanian cuisine. This is how innovation and creativity are tools that go hand in hand with a team who love cooking to provide an authentic gastronomic experience.

Octo Restaurante Caribeño offers a casual, versatile and relaxed concept of Caribbean grill, where fresh local products are part of the experience. Among them, the delicious grilled octopus, smoked tuna sandwich, fish ceviche and the delicious roasted vegetable dip with breadfruit stand out, an emblem of the local cuisine.

Receta Michilá presents a cuisine of traditions that combines local ingredients, landscapes, culture and history, through dishes inspired by the sea, people, family and the colors of the Caribbean, located right on the beach. During the day, Michilá’s kitchen prepares authentic beach bites, such as cured tuna, pumpkin hummus, and ceviche. In the evening, a 4-course tasting menu is presented with an amuse-bouche aperitif.

This charming restaurant is located in Doña Mara, a resort managed by Ariel Stephenson, partner of Chef Archbold, who has a great background in hospitality. Together, they seek to represent the essence of Bocas del Toro through hospitality and gastronomy. Doña Mara is a family resort, easily accessible from Isla Colón that offers rooms facing the sea and where you will feel at home.

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