Mare Bonita - Cocina Fusión

Intention is to present a simple kitchen with honest flavors and national products of the best quality that go directly from the producer to the table...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-08-20 03:28:32

Mare Bonita is a cozy restaurant located in the heart of Pedasí, created with the intention of offering amzing dishes, full of flavors at affordable prices during lunch & dinner for residents and tourists who come to discover and enjoy this authentic beach destination on the Azuero peninsula. 

Luís De Gracia is the chef and owner of this charming restaurant, with wide-open spaces and a tropical style, where you will find a select menu with authentic flavors of both international and Panamanian cuisine.

Chef De Gracia has extensive experience in the gastronomic world, working from a very young age in multiple kitchens in the most famous hotels and restaurants of Panama City. Today, his intention is to present a simple kitchen, with honest flavors and national products of the best quality that go directly from the producer to the table.

This is how Chef De Gracia himself makes the sausages and prepares the meats purchased from local farmers, the dairy products from the farms and the fish is bought directly from fishermen in Pedasí, who use innovative techniques to preserve it fresh from the first moment that comes out of the water. All this to guarantee a true culinary experience that will leave its mark on the diners’ palate and will keep you coming back to Pedasí for more.

Additionally, Mare Bonita has a “mini-factory” where you can buy all these products and dishes already prepared by Chef De Gracia, ready to eat at home. You only have to warm the food up and you will have the flavors of the restaurant at home. This kit includes a guide on how to use the purchased products and prepare them in different ways to make the most of the ingredients while having fun cooking.

For reservations and more information about Mare Bonita, contact them at +507 6500-0124 and follow @rest_marebonita on Instagram.

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