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Casa Lajagua breakfast is One of the things that have become famous people love the fresh fruit smoothies and the real Canadian maple syrup served with waffles and pancakes...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-08-18 02:08:00

Casa Lajagua was created by Craig and April Lewis, who felt in love with Pedasí since they first came to Panama. Not only because it is a wonderful destination year-round, but, probably their main reason for choosing this place was the local Panamanian people that live here. After working and traveling the world for several years they can honestly say that this colorful little town of Pedasi has some of the best people you will ever be lucky enough to know.

With Casa Lajagua, Craig and April wanted to have a relaxed place where family and friends could stay while enjoying all the wonderful amenities that Pedasí and surrounding areas have to offer. Currently, they offer seven rooms and a family suite. For groups, this is the best option, as you can rent the entire place and enjoy a BBQ at the front yard or a cocktail at the pool with friends and family.

One of the things that have become famous in Casa Lajagua is breakfast which is included with the rate of the stay. People love the fresh fruit smoothies and the real Canadian maple syrup served with waffles and pancakes. There is also a new Margaritaville Machine, which is becoming really popular among locals and tourists.

If you’re wondering what to do in Pedasí, Craig and April offer different tours in the surrounding areas. Among them, the most popular is the all-inclusive trip to Isla Iguana. It is also possible to go on a whale watching tour during the time from mid-June until mid-September when lots of Humpbacks and schools of dolphin are everywhere.

Also, as Pedasí is known for being the famous “Tuna Coast”, it is possible to go on a fishing trip either aboard a fully equipped 25-foot center console Contender owned by Craig and April or with a local captain in a panga (the traditional fishing boat of the area). If you chose to go with them, you might enjoy a delicious plate of sashimi or a type of Kokonda, which is a South Pacific style of ceviche. Where else you can get that?

There is always something new at Casa Lajagua, just look for the upcoming specials on @CasaLajagua for some combined tour and stay packages, and start planning your next trip! 

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