A World of Flavors: Sabroso

Located on Isla Perico in the Causeway Amador Sabroso offers 1000 m2 of spacious areas terraces and private rooms with a thematic decoration that runs through the interior of the country its history essence and cultural values...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-08-06 02:23:27

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy true 100% Panamanian typical cuisine in an unforgettable environment and the best views of the city and the ocean? The answer is simple, Sabroso is a typical restaurant created to enchant the palate of customers with traditional recipes and local ingredients that enhance the flavors of Panama.

Located on Isla Perico, in the Causeway Amador, Sabroso offers 1000 m2 of spacious areas, terraces, and private rooms with a thematic decoration that runs through the interior of the country, its history, essence, and cultural values. You can get on an emblematic “Diablo Rojo”, enjoy a carnival parade or relax in the San Blas region. Get excited with the live shows and boost your senses through flavors, aromas and colors with Panamanian soul.

Do not forget to live a magical experience, enjoy exciting moments and create unforgettable memories to leave with the best of Panama in your heart.

The menu includes typical dishes such as tamal de olla, sancocho, rice with chicken, seafood soup, smoked pork, as well as delicious fried foods, different flavors with sea and meat options, and surprising cocktails with local ingredients to share with family and friends while enjoying a personalized attention that will allow you to discover the true essence of Panama. sabroso.

Information: Phone/WhatsApp: +507 6221-0079 - Insta: Sabroso_panama - Waze: Sabroso Panama

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