Dorothy Howes - Women of Panama

Dorothy Howes - Women of Panama

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-07-29 03:25:53

Dorothy Howes has been described as a ‘force of nature’ by members of her adopted Boquete community. Originally from Boston, she moved to Panama from Florida in 2010 thinking she would retire to spend more time with her three young children. But retirement from 25 years of Stateside professional animal rescue was not in the cards for her.

You see, Dorothy is one of those rare members of the human race who find it virtually impossible to turn away from creatures in need. So, when the locals found this out, they began bringing wild rain forest animals which had been injured, abandoned, abused, neglected, handicapped or were in need of hospice care to Dorothy, and thus, Jungla De Panama Wildlife Refuge was born.

Dorothy, her two sons Drake and Dane, and her daughter Daniella, all put their hearts, souls and backs into refitting there 2-acre Palmira finca with roomy 10-meter-high monkey enclosures, several bird enclosures, reptile enclosers, animal petting and interaction areas, handicapped human/equine therapy areas, and grazing areas. Later, they added a bar and restaurant, plus a hostel to house volunteers and backpackers.

Jungla uses a lot of bananas, over 200 a week, and provides medicines, medical care and food to dozens of animals of different species and operates as a non-profit so it relies on proceeds from daily tours and donations via their website.

A woman with seemingly endless energy Dorothy Howes has built Jungla De Panama Wildlife Refuge into a top local tourist destination while providing a critical service to the community helping to preserve Panama’s loved and valued resources while teaching her children to be fluent not only in Spanish but in animal husbandry, wildlife facility management and maintenance, as well as, restaurant and hotel management. Dorothy is indeed a ‘force of nature’.

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