A World of Flavors: La Arepera 507

A World of Flavors: La Arepera 507

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-07-22 02:56:31

In La Arepera 507 you will enjoy the true flavor of Venezuela in Panama. This authentic restaurant located in Plaza 70 - San Francisco, offers a great menu that travels through the most typical dishes of Venezuelan cuisine, prepared with love and using the right ingredient of the best quality, to preserve the most original flavors that will make you feel at home.

The delicious Cachapa made with 100% corn is the favorite dish among regular customers for its incomparable flavors and traditional fillings such as Telita or Guayanes cheese. Here you can also find the world-famous arepa in different presentations and fun names including Sifrina, Pelua, Catira, etc. If it’s your first time, make sure to try the tasting of arepa with 6 types filled with tasty ingredients that reflect the best of Venezuela in a bite.

At La Arepera 507 you will also find crispy empanadas during the morning and tequeños or cheese fingers to satisfy any craving, as well as vegetarian alternatives so that everyone can enjoy the culinary experience of La Arepera 507, accompanied by traditional drinks, juices, coffee, and the delicious Venezuelan chicha made with rice and milk. Let yourself be conquered by this restaurant and discover the true essence of an immense country through each of its creations. For reservations and delivery do not hesitate to call +507 6058-3355 and follow them at @laarepera507 for more news.

Information: Phone: +507 388-2064 WhatsApp: +507 6058-3355 - IG: @LaArepera507 - Waze: La Arepera

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