The founder of this remarkable place is executive chef Claudia Schumann global entrepreneur film producer chef cook singer photographer and writer a woman gifted with many talents...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-07-21 09:41:42

Nestled away from the little bustling town of Boquete, on the main road to Volcancito, in the Highlands of Panama, you find the charming place of Jardin Encantado. A small Boutique Hotel and Botanical Park, offering world-class accommodations and professional guided tours. It is also the place of SCHUMANN’S The Art Of Dining, a gourmet restaurant serving course menus by reservation.

The founder of this remarkable place is executive chef Claudia Schumann, global entrepreneur, film producer, chef cook, singer, photographer, and writer, a woman gifted with many talents.

Thirteen years ago, she arrived in Panama with a dream in her luggage to use the incredible natural products of the highlands, creating exceptional experiences for her guests and clients from around the world. This enchanted place is also the habitat for many rescued animals, some of which are born there. Claudia spoils her guests with world-class accommodations in-cluding her famous Gourmet Breakfasts and Sunday Champagne Brunches. She is the creator of many unforgettable dining events with numerous gourmet course menus, each uniquely pre-pared to perfection.

After years in the fine wine and spirit business, she founded HERMITAGE SPIRIT, an international distribution company. Her tireless creativity hasn’t stopped since then and she is building a distillery to produce the finest artisan spirits to a worldwide clientele. Together with her business partner and master distiller Ruben Bayo of Colibri Chiriqui, they are producing some of the most delicate high-end spirits for the worldwide connoisseur.

Claudia is full of optimism for the future especially in these difficult times of uncertainty. Her motto: “Never give up on your dreams, they are but the rain that will fall on the soil to let your seeds grow”!

Do not miss visiting her when in Boquete to experience the beauty of this special place.

Information: Phone/WhatsApp: +507 6657-5555 - Email: info@jardinencantado.com - Web: www.schumannsrestaurant.com - www.hermitagespirit.com - www.thewineinvestors.com

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