Hey Bit-coiners "When Bitcoin Beach” in Panama. Are you holding a large sum of Crypto and looking for that opportunity to turn it into real estate investments?...

Austin Hess 2021-07-20 03:48:17

I would like to start this article by stating that I am not a Cryptocurrencies expert, not even close, but don’t call me a “No-coiner” because I am defiantly a believer; and it seems quite safe to say that Blockchains are here to stay. This has gained the attention of developers and leading development projects here in Panama, and the deals are on the table. On the other hand, as a US Citizen and Permanent Resident of Panama, that has been living in the country for the past 9 years I will say that I am well versed on Panama as a whole and have a vast knowledge of the good, bad and quirky this country presents. As a visionary, I see a positive and exciting future for this Central American country, and like Crypto Currencies, Panama is a young, ambitious, and a free-spirited country with success and growth on the horizon.

The use of digital currency, as it is one of the novelties in the world of finance is a reality that has been gaining great strength in Panama over the years. Bitcoin machines can be found around the city and there is even a large community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that connect regularly both digitally and in person. We are even seeing new developments come to light in the interior, that like Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, they have adapted a tokenization approach and the entire ecosystem of the community will transact with Blockchain setup using Cryptocurrency for all transactions.

Panama is a small yet very strong country that uses the US dollar as its currency. It is known as the Hub of the Americas, with a first-world medical system, massive banking infrastructure, and only a relativity short distance from the US. This has been a place of interest for adventure-seeking Expats and Retirees since the early 2000s, a time when the United States returned the Panama Canal to the country, which left a void on Panama’s service industry.  As a small country, the Panamanian government was able to quickly shifted gears to create incentives for Expats, retirees and Digital Nomads and has established easy access to lifelong permanent residency programs and long-term Digital Nomad visas.

Now, let’s get your mind in the right place for a moment, think Sofia Vergara, yes, I am talking about the sexy Latina from Modern Family. Well, Panama is a melting pot of gorgeous women come from many Latin American countries such as Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and many other South American countries. And yes, you guessed it, they LOVE North Americans, and as a guy that has been in quite a few relationships with these Latina goddesses, I can promise you this is one element in life that will not disappoint.

The young forward-thinking developers here in Panama, have come together with the team of DoPanama to create an interesting proposal and to put it out there. Their developments and projects are now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method for real estate purchases. It is possible to find a great variety of alternatives including condos, offices, agriculture projects, among other investment opportunities that can be easily purchased with this digital currency.

Hey Bit-coiners "When Bitcoin Beach” in Panama. Are you holding a large sum of Crypto and looking for that opportunity to turn it into real estate investments? Developers in Panama are looking to give North Americans and Europeans an opportunity to convert their cryptocurrencies to tangible hard assets and to come and enjoy a great new lifestyle that includes beachcombing Panama’s 500 plus islands, drinking the freshest and highest-scoring coffee in the world and enjoying the little things in life, because they do matter.

If you have not thought about Panama before, take this as the sign you have been waiting for, jump on a plane and come see for yourself why so many others are now calling this incredible Central American Country home. Don’t have the time right now to come to Panama? Don’t worry, your new friends at DoPanama Relocation are here to help and assist you every step of the way, making sure you get linked up with the right developers, realtors, CPA`s, attorneys and introduce you to the country, the way of life and the right people.

But why is Panama an attractive place to invest? Well, the country has managed to project itself as an outstanding opportunity for foreign direct investment and the pandemic has not been an obstacle to remain attractive to the world. Besides, the permanent residence program for qualified investors has attracted high-net-worth foreign investors and has boosted different sectors of the Panamanian economy such as real estate and construction.

Over the years, Panama has established itself as one of the countries in Latin America with the greatest economic stability. In addition to this, the tax benefits and rates such as mortgage products have been adjusting to the new needs of the market.

As you know, the transacting of crypto is simple, and Panama is at the forefront of the tech space and ready to assist you in making the leap into a world full of adventure. Are you interested in looking into purchasing a property or investing in Panama with cryptocurrency? Please, visit us at or email me at for more information. Our team and network are experts in relocation consultancy focused on assisting expats like yourself in exploring the possibilities of investing and living in Panama.

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