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Unique experiences are the ones that last over time and become unforgettable...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-07-12 07:29:33

Both in life and in the kitchen, only unique experiences are the ones that last over time and become unforgettable. This is how, at Casa Stizzoli every detail has been thought of, to offer a multisensory gastronomic experience that will last in the memory and palate of all guests.

The proposal of Casa Stizzoli enhances the Italian cuisine from North to South, from an entire country where gastronomy goes beyond art and good food is part of a popular tradition. Casa Stizzoli’s recipes intertwine traditions with innovative techniques and the use of the best quality products, many of them with a designation of origin, to guarantee the best results and the most authentic flavors of each region.

From the first moment you step into this restaurant, you will feel in the right place. A modern decoration, spacious environments, contemporary elegance, personalized attention, and impeccable gastronomic proposal, make Casa Stizzoli an ideal place to enjoy a romantic evening, gathering with friends, family lunch, and even, due to the versatility of the spaces, it is possible to organize weddings, special celebrations and much more.

Roberto, Chef and Pizzaiolo certified in the preparation of more than 6 types of dough, is the one who leads the kitchen of Casa Stizzoli and responsible for making each dish a unique experience for the palate that will take guests directly to Italy, without leaving Panama. In a vast menu that includes a variety of meats, fish, antipasti, risotto, among others; both the handmade pasta and emblematic pizzas are the most popular.

Casa Stizzoli is the only restaurant in the region that offers Pizza Tradizionale Italiana, Pizza In Pala Romana and Pizza Napoletana, among others, all following the guidelines required by the associations that regulate pizzas in Italy. Regardless of the type of pizza you choose, they are all prepared with sourdough and baked in one of the two exclusive wood-fired ovens.

For reservations and more information, contact Casa Stizzoli at +507 6130-1040 and follow them on Instagram at @casastizzoli to stay up to date with all news.

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