Each dish is designed to become a work of art...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2021-07-09 08:45:44

KAHLO recently opened its doors in Plaza Sunset Strip aiming to impress and surprise all guests with an unimaginable, daring and original decoration with unique spaces designed to meet the highest creativity standards.

Daves Gonzalez, designer and owner of KAHLO, has been inspired by great cities in the world. All of them have been of great influence to create a unique and unmatched concept in Panama City. Daves, is in constant search of new experiences and sensations to share with his customers and thus exceed the expectations of everyone. Always thinking about the details including gastronomy, excellent ambience, personalized attention and extraordinary style.

In the kitchen, Chef Guillermo Fonsi is in charge of creating a gastronomic proposal designed to enhance your palate to the highest senses, with a great variety and contrast of flavors that will make each bite an unforgettable experience.

Each dish has been meticulously designed to become a work of art. The gastronomic experience at KAHLO begins with starters, such as the Peruvian Causes Tasting, followed by the Dim Sum Explosion, Zacatecas Tartar and Dave’s Temptation.

Here, every dish has been prepared to take you on a journey across the world, with different culinary traditions, influences from international gastronomy and unique flavors of Panamanian indigenous cuisine that are part of the select menu created especially for you.

Presenting a wide variety of sushi and more elaborate creations like the Tandoori Octopus or the original Pablo Picasso that reflects the artistic concept of KAHLO.

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