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Finding the right school for your child is one of the major concerns for many international families when relocating to a new country or city and choosing between a wide range of public private and international schools which sometimes can be very difficu...

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Finding the right school for your child is one of the major concerns for many international families when relocating to a new country or city and choosing between a wide range of public, private, and international schools which sometimes can be very difficult without the right information.

Panama is a vibrant and flourishing country, offering quality education and a variety of opportunities to both domestic and international students. Here, education is compulsory for the first six years of primary education and the first three years of secondary school, and our current overall literacy rate is more than 94%.

However, the difference between public and private education is remarkable because of the lack of resources, good teachers, and poor curriculum. In fact, Panama’s private schools are amongst the top in Central America, and are easily comparable with the quality of education offered by schools in North America.

For this reason, it is recommended to enroll your child into a private school in Panama. But before beginning your search, it is important to have all the information available to fully understand the educational landscape and the different alternatives that you can find in Panama. Among them we can highlight the following private institutions:

International School of Panama (ISP): This is a non-profit, student-centered, independent school recognized as a leader in international education, offering world-class opportunities for students Pre-K 3 to 12th grade. ISP was created in 1982 and currently is considered one of the best schools in Panama. New applications are accepted up through May and are reviewed by a committee. ISP’s school calendar runs from August – June.

Website:  Tel.: +507 293 – 3000E-mail:

King’s College – British School of Panama: This is a British international school opened in September 2012. The school is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by the Panamanian rainforest in the area of Clayton and is approximately 6km from the city centre. Clayton is a very green area developed from the former US military base. The school currently has a roll of approximately 350 students from 32 nationalities ranging from age 3 – 18 years old.

Website: Tel.: +507 282-3300 E-mail:

Boston International School: This school was founded in 2012 and nowadays is among the best private international schools in Panama. This school has a strong focus on technology, specially by using it in the classroom to help students learn for themselves. The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and offers instruction primarily in English.

Website:  Tel.: +507 396-6966

The Metropolitan School of Panama (MET): This school offers a world-class academic program to students from preschool through high school. The MET's program combines the rigorous academics of the IB with visual and performing arts, cutting edge technology, competitive sports, social awareness, and physical and emotional well-being.

Website:  Tel.: +507 6208-2646 E-mail:

Balboa Academy: This school serves a culturally diverse population providing a U.S. type education that strives for excellence, implementing a broad and sequential plan of study that emphasizes the development of students into productive and happy citizens in a global community. Envisioned as a learning laboratory, Balboa Academy strives for everyone (students, teachers, staff, parents, and other school personnel) to engage in activities that will make them life-long learners.

Website:  Tel.: +507 302-0035 E-mail:

Oxford International School (OIS): It is an international school serving students from preschool through high school. The OIS was founded in 1983 and accredited by the Panama Ministry of Education. The school year goes from March – December, and classes are taught in both English and Spanish.

Website:  Tel.: +507 308-7100 E-mail:

Colegio La Salle Panamá: This is a Christian school guided by the principles of Saint John Baptist De La Salle founded in 1975 as an educational institution. The school period is from March to December.

Website: Tel.: +507 301-1245 E-mail:

Colegio Javier: Located near Clayton in the former U.S. Canal Zone, this school is well ranked in Panama. Run by the Society of Jesus, the school offers pre-primary through high school. The school year is from March – December.

Website:  Tel.: +507 303-1800 E-mail:

The Episcopal School in El Carmen (CEP): This is a bilingual non-profit institution working with the Episcopal Church of Panama. CEP has a good reputation with a strong emphasis on a Christian, scientific and humanistic formation dedicated to the integral development of each individual.

Website:  Tel.: +507 223-4836 E-mail:

In Summary, many of these schools follow the North American schedule from September to June, or the Panamanian schedule of March to December, and close during Carnival, Easter, and Christmas. It is important to look for the ones that offer a good curriculum following the International Baccalaureate program and hire native English-speaking teachers. 

In addition, there are also several factors that come into play in the decision-making process, all of which should be given equal consideration: age of the student, adaptability of the student, language factor, location of home and/or work place, length of overseas assignment and likelihood of admission.

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