The strategic location of the Isthmus and its favorable climate have attracted professional surfers to discover Panama...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-16 07:50:30

The strategic location of the Isthmus and its favorable climate have attracted professional surfers to discover Panama, not only because of the variety of beaches where it is possible to practice this type of sport, but also, the large waves that break along the beaches or cliffs in perfect lines, in places that are not yet frequented by many surfers.

Did you know that in Panama is possible to drive from coast to coast in search of the perfect wave on the same day??? Right, you can surf in the morning on the Pacific side and in the afternoon enjoy the waves on the Atlantic side, only with a couple of hours drive.

The best time of the year to enjoy waves goes from April to October, however, it is possible to surf in the warm waters of the Panamanian Pacific the entire year!!! All these positive elements are attracting professionals to participate in different competitions that are taking place along the Panamanian coasts every year.

Among the best spots in the country, we can mention Playa Bluff in Bocas de Toro. This beach offers one of the most amazing and powerful getaways in the world. On this beach, waves reach the highest altitudes and the surrounding landscape is extremely exotic as it is immersed in the jungle. Generally, these waves are a bit crowded as it is the perfect place for professional bodysurfers.

The west coast of the Azuero peninsula also offers some of the best beaches to surf. In fact, here you will find the famous "Path of Surf", which includes the beaches of Santa Catalina, Morillo and Mariato, known for national and international competitions.

Santa Catalina has one of the longest waves in Central America that can reach up to 15 feet in height. In addition, its picturesque town offers accommodation and all services for those traveling on a budget. The beaches of Morillo and Mariato, in the province of Veraguas, are also known for the waves, however, these are beaches for experienced surfers since access can be difficult.

On the other side of the Azuero peninsula are Playa Venao and Cambutal. Playa Venao is probably the most famous beach in Panama, known for being the place where most of the international competitions take place, such as Reef Classic, among other events; and Cambutal is one of the most consistent beaches in the Panamanian Pacific. Here, waves can reach up to 20 feet in height with different breakpoints along the coast. Both places are surrounded by many hotels and resorts focused on surf and nature.

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