The #1 Thing I Hear from People Who are Looking to Move to Panama is ... Where Should I Live?

Panamá is an amazing metropolitan city and is considered the Hub of the America's due to its connectivity with air travel shipping and banking amongst others...

Austin Hess 2020-12-15 01:57:58

When you look at Panama on a map, it's size would have most believe that the whole country must be very similar throughout. Panama is a very small country with a total land mass area of 75,517 square kilometers (29,157 square miles), which makes it slightly smaller than Ireland and the U.S. state of South Carolina. However, the country has many different climates, micro climates and a diversity of natural and man-made amenities in each of the popular Expat destinations, that play a major effect on where you will be happiest living.

On the topic of geographical size, no matter where you decide to live, visiting other areas of Panama is very easy to do with a short drive or flight.

So, where do we see most people moving when relocating to Panama? I will list the top locations and then I will give a brief description of all 5 places. We will start first with Panama City, then the Pacific Beach Towns (Chame, Coronado, San Carlos, Buenaventura and so on), followed by Boquete, Bocas del Toro and Pedasi/Venao.

Now of course there are more off the beaten path locations as well, however, for this article we will focus on these 5 spots and hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect in each destination. Yet, no matter what, it is best to connect with a relocation specialist to assist you with choosing the best destination for you, which also includes all the other elements in relocating that will make your experience in moving to this magical country that much more enjoyable.

One thing to note, we are in the middle of a Pandemic and some of the positive elements of reason may be currently affected.

Panama City - is an amazing metropolitan city and is considered the Hub of the America's, due to its connectivity with air travel, shipping and banking, amongst others. With tons of amazing restaurants and live music, the city is definitely a place for an active lifestyle. If constant internet service is important to you, this is your place.

Getting to any of Panama's natural wonders from the city is a short hour or less flight, 1 - 7-hour drive or a 90-minute ferry ride. The medical facilities are considered first world and the private grade schools are amongst the best in the world. Here you will find great parks, the Amador Causeway, the famous Casco Viejo, golf courses, shopping malls and so much more.

The Pacific Beach Towns (Chame, Coronado, San Carlos, Buenaventura and so on) - is a great location for a more laid-back lifestyle, close to Panama City at about a 60-90-minute drive. This is a great option to be able to enjoy the simple life and have the services of the city close by. If you enjoy hot weather, golf, hiking, fishing, paddle ball and socializing with other expats, this is a great destination for you to consider. You will also find a great Expat community where everyone one knows your name.

Boquete - this beautiful mountain town is located just 45 minutes north of Panama's second largest city, David. You can get to Boquete with a 45 min flight from Panama City, and then a 45-minute drive from the airport in David to Boquete, or a 6.5-hour drive from Panama City. The average temperature in this region is between 60°F and 75°F which attracts many older Expats. Members of this community enjoy golf, the famous Tuesday Market, great restaurants, hiking, amazing flowers, an abundance of birds, and of course the cool mountain air. The Expat community in Boquete is also quite close and after a month you will be sure to make many new great friends.

Bocas del Toro - is a fun and zippy Island archipelago, and is one of the only, and by far the most popular Island living you will find here in Panama. Located on the Caribbean side of the country, Bocas provides a full-on tropical lifestyle with great restaurants, bars, nightlight and a cool community of fun expats. Now this fun-loving Island paradise is not for everyone, however, it is definitely a place to visit over and over again. To get here from Panama City, it is about a 50-minute flight or a 12-hour drive. From Boquete you are looking at a 4 - 5-hour drive. If white sand beaches, surfing and being in a tropical wonderland is your idea of living life right, then Bocas del Toro may be the place for you.

Pedasí/Venao - is a great location at about 4.5 – 5-hours driving from Panama City. Similar to The Pacific Coast Beach Towns minus golfing, this area has become more and more popular over the recent years. Pedasí is a cute town that has a great mixture of locals and expats, wonderful restaurants and a fun community. Here you will find some of the best deep-sea fishing in Panama. Venao is located 30 minutes down the road and is a great pace for surfers, a relaxed lifestyle and good times.


With the Do Panama Relocation Program, the first step is our 23 question "Where Should I Live Questionnaire" and then a 1 hour personalized one on one video call, which helps my team and I guide you in the direction or directions we feel will be best suited for your satisfaction.

One thing we offer and recommend to some that are having a hard time deciding whether they want to live near a beach or in the mountains, is to do our 3-destination sampler, where depending on your time-frame we set you up with rentals or hotels in the top 3 best suited destinations for you, for either one week or one-month time periods, again depending on your time-frame. We do this so you have the ability to get a real and natural feel of the area, climate, culture, amenities, and people (both locals and other expats).

When developing our Relocation Program, we sought to be completely different than companies that do Relocation Tours. They will drive you around in a van or a bus with 10 - 30 other people for a tour not designated specifically for you. For us at Do Panama, we felt that the short visits to each destination is a bit rushed and again fitted to accommodate the whole group, which doesn't give you the attention we believe you deserve when making one of the most important decisions in your life.

If Panama sounds like a place you want to discover or learn more about, please email me at My team and I would love to assist you in relocating to Panama and enjoying every step of the way.

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