Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar

it is a place of culture that makes us grow as artisans and gastronomes lovers of rum and Panama...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-14 10:45:52

Not just a Rum Bar and Rum, it is a culture that makes us grow as artisans and gastronomes.

Pedro Mandinga Ron Bar, with locations in Casco Viejo and Vía Argentina, is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful breakfast, a spectacular brunch, delicious cocktails and a magical evening. This beautiful place is a Latin emblem that is enriched by its culture from the way the establishment is presented, to the food and the cocktails that you can enjoy. Pedro Mandinga is a gastronomic experience that will leave you wanting to return again and again. This great brand pays homage to Pedro Mandinga, who was a strong, charismatic and friendly Panamanian chieftain.

Apart from being a wonderful Rum Bar, it also has other qualities such as being the first artisan rum distillery in Panama and always proving to be practical and passionate about what they do, which is reflected when tasting a good artisan rum Pedro Mandinga. All Pedro Mandinga rums are 100% distilled and bottled in their own distillery, without subcontracting any other rum.

In the distillery which also organizes tours so that everyone can appreciate the elaboration of a pure and delicious flavor of a rum that is perfect for any occasion, it brings us not one or two, but several rums that aromatize the palate before a relaxing afternoon.

The rums that you will be able to appreciate in Pedro Mandinga are:

The Silver Rum which has hints of banana, cotton candy and caramel with a soft and silky palate.

Spicey Rum which has prominent notes of orange, vanilla and cinnamon with a subtle and exotic spiciness that creates a naturally sweet flavor.

The Rum Blend which is amber color and has coppery notes, Nuts, coconut, chocolate and toasted oak, silky caramel, vanilla and dried fruit.

The Geisha Rum, which is brown in color, is thus the first coffee liqueur of the Pedro Mandinga family to be infused with the award-winning Geisha coffee from the Boquete region, which has toasted notes, floral and fruity aroma of the characteristic of Geisha and a balanced sweet taste from the scratch.

Rum Geisha became one of the most special coffee liqueurs on the market using Geisha coffee from the “Dos Jefes” farm in Boquete. It is made with the creation of an infusion of Pedro Mandinga's Silver Rum and coffee for several days. Once finished, scrape syrup and a little vanilla are added to balance the flavors. It is one of the best products they offer at the moment using 3 Panamanian artisan ingredients that result in a premium product.

We invite you to visit these emblematic Ron Bar in Casco Viejo and Vía Argentina where you can enjoy a Pedro Mandinga rum, as well as exclusive house cocktails in a relaxed and welcoming colonial Caribbean atmosphere.

The members of the Pedro Mandinga family are lovers of rum and Panama, Salud.

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