Tacos La Neta

This original taco restaurant seeks to break the paradigm of the traditional Mexican tacos by fusing them with flavors of the local gastronomy while creating an innovative and casual proposal...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-11 09:13:06

Considered the tropical tacos of Panama, this original taco restaurant created by the renowned Chef Mario Castrellón and Rafael Reyes, seeks to break the paradigm of the traditional Mexican tacos by fusing them with flavors of the local gastronomy while creating an innovative and casual proposal. Each element plays a key role in the success of this gastronomic concept: a colorful and friendly atmosphere, at the same time a simple and gourmet menu using the best ingredients and the attention of the wait staff that undoubtedly defines them, are combined to offer a different experience.

Both locations of Tacos la Neta in Casco Viejo and San Francisco, offer a simple, casual and inclusive proposal, created for everyone to enjoy exquisite tacos in an atmosphere of friendship that cordiality makes you feel like home. This is reflected not only in the infrastructure of both restaurants, but also in their menu, where you can choose 3 types of tacos to try different combinations. Likewise, there are vegetarian and vegan options on the menu and for pet lovers, Tacos la Neta is also pet friendly.

The kitchen is run by Dairuby Di Gracia and Aguasanta Morellon, two creative and enterprising young chefs, who are responsible for making the magic in Tacos la Neta, by presenting a small but concise menu that includes options for all tastes. From starters to share like the exquisite melted Cheese with Chorizo, or Guacamole with Corn Chips, as well as the Chili with meat and cheese, and the classic Quesadillas with Pico de Gallo and a protein that the client chooses.

Undoubtedly, Tacos la Neta’s strength are its tacos, which come in the most original combinations and the most extravagant names. Among them are Cochinita Pitbull with guacamole, pickled onion and pork crackling, or Pistolero Chicken with refried beans, cheese and cilantro, as well as the original Mariachi Chorrillo with fried Sea Bass, tomato, cabbage and cilantro, which simply evokes the most traditional flavors of the local cuisine. Besides, the homemade Tortillas are prepared with 100% Panamanian corn.

As is tradition in Mexican food, the hot sauce cannot be missed and Tacos la Neta prepares 4 sauces that will surely make you cry for its explosion of flavors. The choices are: Green Sauce inspired by the Panamanian mojo (a local garlic sauce) that is quite spicy, the Hot Sauce of the house (medium), the United Mole (strong) and “La más Chingona” which is very strong. It is recommended to try them with caution, one by one, until you find the level of tolerance and thus enjoy its rich combination of ingredients.

To survive the hot sauce what a better alternative that a good dessert. The Horchata ice cream or the exquisite Lemon Pie were created to refresh your experience. We could not fail to mention the original drinks and cocktails prepared with the most varied tropical fruits to accompany the gastronomic proposal of Tacos la Neta.

Come and enjoy this casual and friendly restaurant, where your only concern is what sauce to put ossn your taco, since the rest of your experience is in the hands of Tacos la Neta. For information on schedules, promotions, events and activities, such as the original Thursday live music with local bands which takes place every two weeks in Taco la Neta of Casco Viejo, follow them on social networks and visit the website www.tacoslaneta.com.

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