Barrio Pizza - One of The Best of Casco Viejo

A stylish artisan pizzeria that seeks to provide support to the barrio or neighbourhood where it is the location of social gatherings or events...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-11 08:49:43

A stylish artisan pizzeria that seeks to provide support to the “barrio” or neighbourhood where it is the location of social gatherings or events. That’s the motivation that encouraged Carlos Levy, a young entrepreneur, to develop Barrio Pizza, an innovative concept that comes to transform the traditional image of a classic pizzeria, where a modern atmosphere inspired by the New York style, is combined with a gastronomic proposal that preserves the true essence of the real Neapolitan pizza prepared with fresh ingredients of the best quality to surprise and delight their diners.

For Barrio Pizza, the quality of the ingredients and the customer’s experience is everything. That’s why they put special emphasis on selecting grade A products to be part of the varied range of pizzas baked daily in their ovens while striving to guarantee profection in each bite, with authentic and original flavors. This is a challenge that they have been able to effectively face by choosing natural ingredients of the best quality and freshness, giving added value to the local and artisan production, as well as paying attention to the small details that, together, make the customer’s experience successful.

Among the most requested pizzas is the original Yeyesita with ham, arugula, Parmesan cheese and black truffle oil, which stands out for the combination of strong flavours and fresh vegetables. Another favorite is the unique Pocotona with onions marinated in oregano, Italian salami, bacon, pesto and Parmesan cheese, this pizza is a work of art with colourful ingredients. We cannot fail to mention the emblematic Tía Margarita with mozzarella, basil, olive oil and Parmesan cheese, which is a renewed version of the classic Margarita.

The concept of Barrio Pizza in very versatile and casual, giving the customer the possibility to create their own pizza with the ingredients of their choice. Everything starts with a traditional white pizza dough, the authentic “Barrio Sauce” and mozzarella cheese, the rest is left to the creativity of the client, whom with an extra charge per ingredient, can choose from five types of specialty cheeses, a variety of meats that are divided into regular and premium, as well as the possibility of including vegetables and fruits of your preference.

The menu is not only limited to pizzas, they also offer “Del Barrio” dishes like the delicious Meatballs with Flow that come with parmesan cheese au gratin, which is a delight to the palate. Although the Fused Cheese is undoubtedly a craving to share while waiting for the pizza, and for those who are looking for a good salad, it is also possible to find it in Barrio Pizza. From the classic Greek salad, to the Burrata or the Barrio Salad, there are many options that are suitable for all tastes. Desserts should not be missed, the unbeatable condensed milk or kulei ice cream, as well as the Nutella or dulce de leche Calzone, are simply irresistible. 

In short, Barrio Pizza has innovated the concept of a boring pizzeria, providing an effervescent atmosphere with a dynamic and interactive gastronomic proposal, where the customer is the one who decides how he wants his pizza and what ingredients to add. Its receptivity in the market is reflected by the accelerated growth that Barrio Pizza has had since its opening in 2015, with two restaurants located in Costa del Este and Casco Viejo, and soon in Vía Porras and Condado del Rey. For more information about events, promotions and more, follow them on social networks or visit their website

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