Cooking with style

Cooking with style

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-11 08:31:38

The kitchen has evolved over the years inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of those who dedicate their lives to this demanding job. After years of experience behind the stove, Chef Felipe Milanes decided to leave aside the classic chef uniform with its traditional style in search of comfortable uniform that would allow him to work for hours on the most exquisite recipes to impress the costumers while presneting his dishes in stylish chef wear. From this need was born the idea of creating a line of uniforms and kitchenware that would not only be comfortable, but also will represent this ever-growing trend of lovers of the good cuisine.

Just Cook Bro is the name of this Panamanian brand that defines a lifestyle, since it can be used by everyone, from a professional chef with years of experience, or to a foodie or a beginner who just started his career in the culinary arts; all of them united by the same obsession, which is the passion for the stove. On the other hand, the name of the brand was created to remind us that in the kitchen, as in life, the experience is gained through hard work without being carried away by arrogance, so get started and “Just Cook Bro.”

The success of this innovative line of uniforms and clothing, including tailored aprons, t-shirts and hats, is also in the hands of Jessica Aubel, Chef Milanes’ wife, who dedicates her time to develop the most creative designs under a modern, urban, and versatile approach to fit the customer’s needs. This is a pioneer concept in the national market that seeks to enhance the value of what is done in Panama, which is why each piece is handmade by a local trained staff using the best fabrics on the market.

Nowadays, prominent restaurants in Panama City use Just Cook Bro’s uniforms, including: Manolo Caracol, Tio Navaja, Kakash, Tomillo Panama, La Vista Experience, La Vaca Lola, Intimo, as well as famous local chefs who already have their personalized garments, made to measure. These items can be purchased at the showroom of Just Cook Bro located next to Tomillo Panama or contact them via email at Also, for more information follow them on Instagram at @JustCookBro.

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