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Defined as a healthy fast food restaurant and tea bar whose innovative concept has been in Panama for over 6 years offering a fresh and natural proposal...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-11 08:08:15

T bar is defined as a healthy fast food restaurant and tea bar, whose innovative concept has been in Panama for over 6 years, offering a fresh and natural proposal. This concept aims to break paradigms and prove that eating healthy does not necessarily have to be boring, but rather represents a new way of preparing good food with a fun touch, while being in harmony with the environment. This premise is represented at their cozy restaurant in Obarrio, that is decorated with alive nature and tropical plants to reflect their own essence.

Today, Tbar is the ideal place for those looking to keep a balanced diet and care about the food they consume. Its extensive menu has been meticulously designed to satisfy the eating habits and preferences of the most sophisticated costumers, with the freshest ingredients on the market and very affordable prices. In fact, it is a proposal that integrates the quality of life with a healthy and balanced diet, connecting body and spirit in a harmonious symbiosis with the environment.

Within their proposal you will find many options of salads that can be accompanied with countless toppings, like the colorful Thai Evil Salad or the original Fresh Tuna and the emblematic Tbar Salad, that comes with a mix of lettuce, grilled chicken, tomato, avocado, egg, bacon chips and Parmesan cheese, which can be seasoned with honey mustard, ranch, light yogurt, classic vinaigrette and many other dressings. The soups also stand out for their creativity and explosion of flavors, among them the Thai Coconut or Vietnamese Spicy are the most requested.

The unparalleled Hot Box is unique in its style. This practical and creative food box offers a fun combination of ingredients, including the Hot Box of black beans, avocado and chicken curry, a very healthy alternative for an office lunch. Vegetarian and vegan options are also on the menu, such as the authentic T Veggie Burger, a patty with falafel and dried tomato, as well as the traditional Flatbread presented in different presentations.

Every day new dishes are displayed on the board and these are certainly unique creations that highlight the ideology of Tbar, where fresh ingredients are combined in a fun way to provide an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

At the same time, Tbar is also known by the great amount of teas and fruit infusions brought from different parts of the world, in total there are 24 varieties of teas from China, India and Taiwan. In fact, the innovative Bubble Tea originally from Taiwan comes with chewable tapioca balls in the most creative and refreshing combinations. As for infusions, the flavors also vary from apple, citrus fruits, kiwi, cayenne flower, to exquisite combinations of strawberries and roses, among others.

Finally, Tbar is a concept that is revolutionizing the healthy food market, providing a balanced and innovative proposal at competitive prices. The two locations in Clayton and Obarrio are open from Monday to Saturday to captivate your palate and show you that eating healthy, beyond being fun, is also a way of life. To stay update on news and promotions follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and if you are interested in purchasing a franchise, contact them at tbarpanama@gmail.com.

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