Sushi Market - Perfect Gastronomic Experience

Introducing an innovative Japanese gastronomic proposal, where the most native flavors are combined with elaborate preparation techniques acquired through years of experience...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-09 03:23:53

Sushi Market is the place to go where good food and an eclectic atmosphere create an unmatched culinary experience. Introducing an innovative Japanese gastronomic proposal, where the most native flavors are combined with elaborate preparation techniques acquired through years of experience. This knowledge enables their chef to create a menu suitable for all tastes, with the most varied options while always preserving the roots of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Sushi Market first opened its doors in San Francisco and today has five restaurants strategically located in different parts of the city, including Clayton, Costa del Este, and most recently in Chorrera. The quality and gastronomic excellence are the result of 20 years of international experience, allowing them to position themselves in the market as the sushi restaurant. All their meals are something more than artistic and artisan dishes, but also utilize the freshest fish and other ingredients, all based on original recipes. This standout has raised the standard of classic Japanese cuisine in Panama.

At Sushi Market, the goal of personalized service is equally important and is delivered by a team of professionals dedicated to creating the ultimate dining experience for each guest. Here you will find an ever changing and effervescent atmosphere, full of activities, music and the best promotions.

Whether you are looking to host a formal business dinner, enjoy a romantic evening, or just want to spend an afternoon with friends enjoying excellent Japanese treats, Sushi Market will not disappoint. You can also find the most varied cocktails prepared by a professional mixologist who will blend the most interesting combinations to create an explosion of flavors on the palate. This is the ideal place to organize corporate events, family parties, and much more.

When it comes to dining options, sushi is certainly the most popular choice, but the menu is extensive, making for many difficult but delicious decisions to consider.

Start with a variety of nigiri, deceptively simple in appearance but complex in elaboration and characterized by delicate cuts of fresh fish over Japanese rice. Then you can move on to the famous Lider, a delicate treat with crab and eel topped with tuna, mixed shrimp, avocado and fuji sauce, or try its variant, topped with wakame and octopus. Or the Shitake Sake with tuna, salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and more salmon on top, drizzled with a Japanese mushroom and teriyaki sauce. Each of these tempting creations are offered with more than 25 homemade sauces to satisfy any craving.


The Miso Ramen, a traditional Japanese soup consisting of miso, fish paste, roast pork, egg, and vegetables, is one of the most called-for dishes, as it combines of the freshest ingredients with traditional Japanese flavors. (You’ll only find this one at the Sushi Market in Costa del Este.)

Combine all these marvelous treats with the widest range of national and imported craft beers, wines from the best wineries around the world and the signature cocktails from a corps of outstanding mixologists— the Sakerinha, a delicious caipirinha with Sake and fresh fruit and the colorful Sushi Market Cocktail are must-haves—and you have a recipe for a mind-blowing culinary experience.

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