Harry Segil

Harry Segil

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-09 03:10:56

Internationally recognized artist and interior designer Harry Segil tells the stories of popular culture through his art and furniture, using textiles from all over the world in exciting new ways while creating a positive energy in any environment. Harry knows that colors and textures can bring a positive psychic vibration and a joy into life in ways that nobody has seen before.


A native of South Africa, Harry’s aesthetic celebrates Africa’s bold sense of color, texture, and style. In 1980 he moved to California and decided to open HaRry Gallery, creating his own art, distinctly contemporary and always ahead of the times. Harry has worked closely with such celebrities as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Ringo Starr, and Valentino, to name a few. Major corporations like Pepsi Cola, NBC, Harley Davidson, and Mattel have sought out his artistic vision. His art has been exhibited in the best galleries and museums worldwide and in hundreds of recognized publications. New Look Magazine of France commented, “In the same spirit of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, Harry is causing a total uproar in L.A.,” while Katherine Seipp from House and Garden USA said, “What Frank Gehry did for architecture, Harry has done for furniture.”

Since relocating to Panama, his art has been strongly influenced by the popular culture, including the local, international, and indigenous elements. He expresses this diversity by utilizing different ethnic and antique fabrics and textiles from all over the world. Segil often celebrates the Kuna molas and Emberá textiles in his work, offering custom pieces for commercial and residential settings, where every piece is unique and handmade. Harry’s showroom is now in Panama. Contact him for an appointment to view the sculptures, screens, poufs, chairs, sofas, tables, chests of drawers, mirrors, planters, and much more that he has to offer. Make the choice to enliven your life and invest in Harry’s art; you’ll find it a valuable investment.

This is your opportunity to invest in HaRry’s and purchase a functional piece of art that will light up your home, office, or lobby, a piece that will increase in value over time. Smart investors in the United States and across the world are watching the growing value of Harry’s works.

www.Harry-Segil.com - +507 62487076

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