Amano: Amazing Mixology and Flavors

This authentic bar and restaurant focused on craft cocktails utilizing the best craft liquors and distillates and the very best of American style barbecue offers upscale elegance with a down-home vibe all with a Panamanian touch...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-09 03:00:12

On the second floor of a picturesque house surrounded by jungle foliage, set in the middle of cosmopolitan Panama City, you will find Amano. This authentic bar and restaurant, focused on craft cocktails utilizing the best craft liquors and distillates and the very best of American style barbecue, offers upscale elegance with a down-home vibe, all with a Panamanian touch, and the most relaxing atmosphere to share with friends for a truly different evening.

From the original wood floors that evoke the smoky image of striding into a saloon in the Old West, to the emblematic bar located at the bottom of the place (where cocktail magic is performed by one of the best teams of bartenders in the city), this hidden gem is a real find. Relax out on the charming terrace and breathe in the fresh energy of this relatively new urban hideaway while enjoying a great cocktail. At Amano every detail is taken into consideration to provide an authentic experience to their diners..

Amano was born from the dream of three young entrepreneurs who started by importing the most varied craft liquors of the highest quality from the United States, with the intention of expanding the portfolio of options and increasing public awareness of artisan liquors in the local market. As a result, they were the first to bring hand-crafted rye and wheat whiskies to the region. 

They currently offer seven brands, all from award-winning, small-scale craft houses. Completing their portfolio you can find with 12 more varieties of whiskey, 5 different gins, assorted liqueurs, hand-crafted bitters and syrups. 

The experience in the mixology arts was acquired over time, through events organized in different locations all over the city. After understanding the expectations of the market, these young entrepreneurs decided to create a place that offers high-end cocktails, with an original menu of dishes (most of them to share), as well as an environment that suits all tastes, the best music of the moment, and the most diverse events.

In Amano, the main attraction is the cocktail menu. The options are endless and for all tastes. From a classic Old Fashioned with Breuckelen 77 Local Rye & Corn Whiskey, bitter orange, and syrup to their original Sombrero with St. George Green Chile Vodka, pineapple shrub, lemon, guajillo chili, lime, soda, and tajin to the California Mule, also featuring St. George Green Chile Vodka, ginger, lemon and soda, several visits will be required to work your way through to choosing your favorite.

The one and only Agua de Pipa, prepared with Kings County Bourbon macerated with coconut, rum, pipe water soda, vanilla, and aromatic bitters charms, while the Salvavidas, mixing Corsair Gin and St. George Terroir with eucalyptus, lemon, and watermelon, tempts. The entire menu is designed and prepared by a team of mixologists led by Pascual Tejada, whom seeks to create the perfect harmony between creativity, quality and ingredients to provide a symphony of flavors in each cocktail.  To guarantee the best quality and freshness in their preparations, all juices, syrups, and mixers used in these original blends are handmade, many while you watch.

Under the direction of the renowned Panamanian Chef Mario Castrellón and Chef Freddy Mendoza, in charge of the kitchen, Amano’s menu complements and even highlights the efforts of the mixologist team. From sharing dishes like the original Ribeye Empanadas stuffed with minced beef, or the Brisket Tacos with barbecued beef, avocado, fresh radish, and achiote mayonnaise to the Asian favorite, Veggie Dumplings stuffed with spinach, chestnut, and mushrooms accompanied by a vegetable soy sauce or the Tapas de Calamares de Maito, one of chef Castrellón’s favorite recipes, stuffed calamari over a bed of black rice, the simple ingredients, the vibrant flavors and  the innovative approach taken to each dish will lure you back for more.

As a starter, also good for sharing, try the Suckling Pig with Yucca Gnocchi, applesauce and caramelize onions really set off the flavors here. The Baby  Back Ribs, another chef’s favorite, are brought to life with a Korean-style barbecue sauce with a touch of Latin influence. And then there’s the Humo Burger, an homage to one of Panama’s latest and greatest dining spots.

A meal in itself, the Ramen Soup is considered one of the best in the city, with pork, egg, homemade noodles, and fresh vegetables, all simmering in a delicate broth. A great way to refuel after a couple of drinks. On Saturday afternoons, Amano offers a terrific Chicken Barbecue, like being back in the States, with seared and crusted layers of tangy sauce keeping the meat inside moist and tender.

Amano is anything but your typical neighborhood bar, offering unique craft liquors, and cocktails that amaze and delight, along with a menu that is simple but sophisticated, to create one of the most original and unexpected additions to the local dining scene. The specialty liquors can be purchased in the shop inside the bar or directly at the distributor. Amano also organizes private events outside the restaurant such as catering, weddings and parties.

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