Moma Restaurant & Lounge

With a chic and elegant atmosphere to showcase their international cuisine and where the flavors merge to offer a treat for any taste the remain true to the roots of their regional origins...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-09 11:37:00

Moma Restaurant & Lounge, as its name implies, elevates the dining experience to an art form. With a chic and elegant atmosphere to showcase their international cuisine, and where the flavors merge to offer a treat for any taste, the remain true to the roots of their regional origins.

Inspired by the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York, the restaurant reflects a passion for contemporary art and the creativity presented in sculptures, paintings and murals that opens the door to an exploration of the senses.

At Moma Restaurant & Lounge you will enjoy a fine dining experience from a team offering personalized service and an ever-changing and effervescent atmosphere full of activities, live music, and the best promotions.

Moma is an ideal setting for any occasion, from a business dinner to a romantic evening, or just spending an afternoon with friends enjoying a refreshing sangria on the cozy terrace.  Cool and shady under the trees, you will get the feeling of the primal forest (in the middle of the concrete jungle). It is the perefect place to organize corporate events, family parties, and much more.

When is time to eat, the Portobello burger is will surprise your palate with a mix of textures and salty, sweet and sour flavors. The “rib-eye steak of mushrooms,” the portobello is hearty enough for the strictest carnivore and the chipotle sauce sets off its earthy flavor cleanly, creating a delicious and healthy vegetarian alternative.

And let us not leave out the Salmon with Pistachio and Citrus Reduction. Served on a bed of potatoes and vegetables, the chef here plays with a contrasting of sweet and sour notes to achieve a symphony of flavor.

Similarly, the unrivaled Fetuccini a la Primavera, with its harmonious combination of ingredients will leave you completely satisfied, and be sure to sample the delicious Sushi Specials that will satisfy any craving.

Demicuit Tuna is a new option on the menu, bringing freshness and contrasts of sweet and spicy for a delicious and light appetizer. And to close with a pinch of gold, what better dessert than the Chocolate Volcano with vanilla ice cream, which melts not only on the plate, but also on your palate, in an eruption of the purest and creamiest dark chocolate.


All this is accompanied by the widest range of artisanal, national, and imported beers, wines from the best wineries in the world, and a full bar, featuring their signature cocktail, the famous Ice Pop, with its handmade ice-cream bar garnish. Be sure to try the colorful Blue Hawaiian for a cool, refreshing taste of sun, sand, and good times, and don’t hesitate to ask about the special of the day while you enjoy the best food, drinks, and service to be  found in the city.

Undoubtedly, at Moma Restaurant & Lounge the art and passion for good food are reflected wherever you look. With cutting-edge cuisine, the freshest and best quality ingredients of the market (even kosher products are available), impeccable service and a commitment to the guests’ satisfaction, and an atmosphere of international chic, Moma will make your evening a  work of art.

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