Assisi - Trendiest Restaurant in the City

Assisi - Trendiest Restaurant in the City

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-07 01:42:18

Assisi is a restaurant focused on offering an Italian gastronomic proposal different from the classic and most popular cuisine, where the grandmother’s recipes merged preserving the original flavors intact in a vanguard presentation. They give a different color to the dishes by combining local products with the ingredients of the traditional recipes fused with an innovative proposal influenced by the global cuisine. In Assisi it is possible to undertake a sensory exploration as a result of a comprehensive menu which offers all kinds of options that will not disappoint any palate.

This cozy restaurant located in San Francisco gets its name from the town of Assisi in the Umbria region, Italy, where the beloved Saint Francis was born. From the first moment you open the door, you will feel to be at the right place in a simple and delicate atmosphere, where the aromas of the wood-fired oven are a preamble of a unique dining experience with a menu that offers pizzas, soups, risottos, meats, salads and especially, homemade pasta. The service is a key value for Assisi’s team and make you feel comfortable is their daily mission to make the most of this culinary experience.

Pasta is their specialty and comes with different ingredients. The menu includes pasta with seafood, sautéed tomato and fresh basil or the Lamb tortellini with rosemary perfume that are a temptation to the palate for the subtle flavors which are perfectly combined with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and vegetable tartar. At the same time, the ricotta ravioli with mushrooms and spinach sautéed in Napoli sauce and basil will simply make you fall in love with the pureness of flavors.

Certainly, Assisi’s pizzas stand out for their colorful and overwhelming combination of smells and flavors when fresh from the oven. Among more than 10 different types of pizzas and the possibility of creating your own pizza by selecting varied ingredients, one of the most demanded options is the Caprese pizza with Napoli sauce, bocconcini or buffalo cheese, cherry tomato, oregano and fresh basil. Soon, they will also offer gluten free pizza and vegan options for all tastes.

Risotto is considered the most common way to eat rice in Italy, but in Assisi it is an art as well. This traditional dish can be prepared with different ingredients, however, the popular Risotto di Funghi combines 3 types of mushrooms to create a unique feeling that makes it one of the favorite dishes in the menu. On the other hand, as a main course, Assisi’s Suckling Pig is an emblem of the house, cooked for more than 8 hours on a low heat so that its meat simply melts in contact with the palate. At the same time, the grilled octopus in coconut sauce and curry is another dish that you cannot miss.

Another tradition within the Italian cuisine is the delicious “dolce” or dessert to finish any meal and in Assisi they are responsible for preparing the most exquisite recipes. The traditional Cannoli, prepared with baked pastry dough filled with Nutella and cream, and accompanied with vanilla ice cream and caramel is just a magical experience. All this culinary experience can be paired with the best Italian, Spanish, Greek and organic wines, as well as various cocktails prepared at the moment and coffee drinks. Just let yourself be enchanted by Assisi’s kitchen and discover the true Italian cuisine.

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