Investment Benefits in the Real Estate Market in Panama are Increasing Even Amongst the Pandemic

Considered the perfect country to do business taking into account its geographical location like its abundance of benefits and one of them being having both coasts bathed by 2 important oceans...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-07 11:45:01

Panama is considered the perfect country to do business, taking into account its geographical location and its abundance of benefits, one of them being having both coasts bathed by 2 important oceans.

The work done by investors in small and medium-sized companies in Panama has a lot to say about investing in our Isthmus, seeing it as a country where it makes sense to invest for several reasons, including our tropical climate, our geographic location, having the largest oceans on both coasts. Panama has maintained enormous strength as a Central American country during the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes us admire its development as a country at the investment level, in addition its favorable climate is considered stable in political, economic, labor, social and artistic aspects. and among others.

Panama offers a robust, clean and visible balance sheet analyzing it from the perspective of the legal aspect which gives a potential glimpse of the investment advantage it has. One of the major advantages it has in its favor is the use of the US dollar, again mentioned its perfect geographical location and also its wealth at the level of its natural resources which make the Panamanian Isthmus a strategic place for real estate investment today.

It can be seen that this is not the first time that we have seen investment in Panama since many Europeans and Northern Amaericans, including US Citizens, Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Canadians and among others, have already made various investments of different types. Given the situation that Europe and the United States is facing, this is considered by many to be the right time to invest in Panama, for our friends on the other side of the pond, who are looking to take advantage of the fact that the euro remains stronger than the dollar for investment in the dollarized market. In addition, Panama is very popular among retirees, digital nomads, people in search of a tropical paradise and mainly by Americans looking for a better lifestyle, being the perfect place for residence, under great tax incentives offered by Panamanian laws.

The new laws referring to this include a new "Qualified Investor Visa" program, which provides a fast and efficient way for investors to obtain a lifetime permanent residence when purchasing real estate in Panama over $300,000.

This new visa law for investors in Panama has been publicized as a formal and solemn act in large part to support the real estate market, the kind of government backing that makes Panama so attractive. According to the National Association of Real Estate Promoters and Brokers of Panama (ACOBIR), it is considered that an estimated 20% of real estate investment in Panama is made by foreign investors. The expansion of the Panama Canal seized a part of this investment machinery that can last several years thanks to it.

We believe that investing in Panama has never been easier. Our government has recently established the Panama Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Promotion of Exports (PROINVEX) with the aim of attracting more foreign investors and growing our market towards a promising future. This group is an autonomous government agency attached to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama focused on helping foreign real estate investors.

PROINVEX proves to be a creation so that the government of Panama can provide the greatest possible assistance in the legal and bureaucratic processes that foreign investors must comply with if they wish to invest in our Isthmus. 

If you are interested in learning more about investing in Panama and changing your lifestyle please email to receive information about our Do Panama Relocation Program.  

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