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An innovative concept where the Japanese and Korean gastronomy merge to offer a unique experience to the client under the traditional Yakiniku...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-07 10:04:08

Maguro has recently opened its doors in Panama bringing an innovative concept where the Japanese and Korean gastronomy merge to offer a unique experience to the client under the traditional Yakiniku, a Japanese term that in a broad sense refers to a style of cooking meats and vegetables in small pieces on a grill which is usually placed in the center of the table so that people can share and enjoy a fresh, dynamic and well prepared cuisine.

The Yakiniku comes from Korea, however, in Japan this cooking art was perfected, and at the end all this culinary wisdom comes together in Maguro to offer the finest cuts of imported meats, including Prime, Choice and Wagyu, this last one comes from Japan and is recognized for its intense marbling, besides being very demanded for its unique flavor, tenderness and juiciness. They also offer fresh fish and seafood that are weekly brought from Japan, the United States, New Zealand and Spain preserving the quality of their flavors and prepared directly on the table under the stealthy gaze of diners who anxiously hope to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Chef Hsi Hung Chen, with more than 12 years of experience within the Asian culinary arts, is in charge of preparing the Omakase or tasting dish which means “I’ll leave it up to you”.  In the Japanese culture this dish reflects the client’s confidence in the skills of the chef, who selects the highest quality and freshness products, prepares and presents them in the best way possible to surprise guests and make them fall in love with his cuisine.

The proposal of the first Japanese restaurant with Korean fusion in Panama is versatile, with options for all tastes and expectations. The menu also offers traditional rice and noodles, soups, kimchi, yakitori, sushi, sashimi, salads, as well as a wide variety of seafood and meat products. Among the featured plate, the Imperial Cut Selection with five of the best cuts of meat and two types of seafood is an option to share that simply evokes the most authentic flavors of the Japanese cuisine.

Sharing food with dishes in the middle of the table is a very valuable Asian tradition and in Maguro everything has been thought so that the client feels at home. To start with an entry of Toro Dashi Tofu with thin slices of sashimi over fried tofu or the unmatched Maguro Wagyu & Uni Wrap with thin slices of wagyu over a sheet of nori and a broad bean leaf that simply melts in your mouth for the softness of this meat. In addition, the Nigiri Mix Set stands out for the freshness of the different fishes and combination of flavors.

You cannot miss the Japanese style Imperial Lobster with mushroom risotto, and to finish this culinary Asian experience, desserts are the order of the day. Maguro tiramisu with matcha and the Japanese Panacota give a different touch to these traditional dishes. All this paired with various Japanese liqueurs, including more than 6 types of whiskey, 20 varieties of sake and the iconic cocktail of the house, which is called Okinawa.

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