Tomillo - Trendiest Restaurant in the City

This emblematic restaurant is located inside an old building in Casco Viejo and stands out for its casual and romantic atmosphere...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-07 09:48:12

Within Panama’s bubbling gastronomic proposal, Tomillo has raised the standards in the hands of renowned Chef Felipe Milanés. This emblematic restaurant is located inside an old building in Casco Viejo and stands out for its casual and romantic atmosphere, with a terrace that evokes ancient times. In this place good music, refreshing cocktails prepared in front of diners and a small but concise menu with dishes that simply reach perfection will create an unforgettable evening.

This idea was born from the need of creating a more casual and relaxed dining experience in Casco Viejo, with a cuisine inspired by national products with Caribbean and Central American influence under a concep of dishes to share, which seek to combine the flavours of the world with a dynamic menu in constant evolution. At Tomillo each dish tells a story and was selected to enhance the gastronomic proposal of Panama.

This is how you can appreciate the importance of details and how innovation and creativity are day-to-day tools that go hand in hand with a team who loves cooking and taking care of costumers to provide the best service resulting in a unique experience. Among the different options to share highlights the exquisite Duck Cachapas or crumpets made from corn with tomato jam Parmesan cheese and microgreens which will melt in contact with your palate to create an explosion of flavours; or the unmistakable Garden Salad with endive, Cherry tomato, pickled sweet potato, Manchego cheese, avocado vinaigrette and almonds, which together create a perfect match of ingredients while assuring that eating healthy, can also be good and fun.

The king of the house is “El Carnóvoro”, a tray to share that offers Short Rib, lamb, chicken, and smoked pork, accompanied with cassava. At first sight this huge dish appears imposing when placed in the centre of the table. Certainly, the menu is small but full of tastes and unique preparations where the traditional ingredients are mixed with the creativity and imagination of Chef Milanés and his team to create a simple and authentic proposal that invites you to come back.

Tomillo’s mixology is not far behind, there are different kind of cocktails, however, we can highlight the exclusive Mojito Whiskey or the delicious Cucumber Gin with basil and the authentic Ta’rico with gin, orange syrup and passion fruit. All these cocktails will perfectly combine with the gastronomic proposal of the restaurant. However, if you want a refreshing glass of wine or sangria, do not hesitate to ask the waiter. And to close this culinary experience, there is nothing better than a “Kaboom”, a chocolate ball with lemon mousse, vanilla and almond biscuit that will literally explode on your table.

Chef Felipe Milanés is the one in charge of guaranteeing an unforgettable gastronomic experience. This Panamanian entrepreneur, who since a young age has worked in the kitchen with passion and tons of dedication, today leads several projects that have successfully enjoyed receptivity in the national market, among them: Beat_Burger, Buco Pollo, Manolo Caracol, Vpiso Pty, La Boca at Blue Venao and additionally is host of Top Chef Radio and ambassador of the Miele brand in Panama, as well as the creator of the first urban kitchen brand in the country that has the name of “Just Cook Bro”.

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