Azahar - Trendiest Restaurant in the City

An exclusive proposal based on a fusion between Western European tastes and influences of the most relevant Asian traditions...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-07 09:27:58

After 4 years in Panama City, Azahar has recently refreshed its cuisine and in its new location presents an exclusive proposal based on a fusion between Western European tastes and influences of the most relevant Asian traditions, where daily dishes are created with essence and personality as a result of the impeccable combination of ingredients, flavors and aromas in a pleasant atmosphere that combined create an unforgettable culinary experience.

This is how Azahar has revolutionized the local culinary market by becoming the first clandestine restaurant in the city influenced by the concept of the popular speakeasy bars. This concept was born in the United States between 1919 and 1933, time in which a strict regulation prohibited the consumption and sale of any type of alcoholic beverage for many years. This situation led to the big bosses and mafias of that time to come up with creative ways to distribute alcohol ending in the creation of these clandestine bars, where only certain people could access with the help of a secret password that not many knew.

These stores, hidden from the public view, were camouflaged under the facade of the most varied businesses, from barbershops, pharmacies, shoe stores, among others. This is how Azahar hides from the common eye behind a florist on the 7th floor of the YOO building. Just behind Madame Butterfly Luxury Flowers Boutique there is a heavy cooling door that appears to be the access to a room where the flowers are stored at low temperature for conservation, however, when you open this door you will discover an imposing restaurant ojust inside, where the cutting-edge design and incredible views of Casco Viejo impress at first glance.

The gastronomic proposal of Azahar is versatile and honest, made from the freshest and top-quality ingredients, many of these are locals and others imported such as the meat and fish from Japan, cuts of American meat, and, above all, many ingredients come from Europe to guarantee the most authentic and original flavors. These products go through an exhaustive selection process to guarantee an optimal final result.

The menu is vast and among the most requested dishes highlights the exquisite Tuna Pizza with fine cuts of “AAA” Tuna, Shiso perfumed with truffle oil on a crispy toast. On the other hand, the lobster ceviche is a classic during the season standing out for its harmonious combination of citrus, strawberries, red onion, peppers and cilantro. However, rolls are another specialty of the house and the Mr. Miyagi with salmon is famous among frequent clients.

The creative gastronomic proposal of Azahar is accompanied by one of the most complete wine cellars and the largest selection of Japanese whiskeys in the city. In its new space, Azahar offers a large terrace and private rooms ideal for business meetings, events and much more, with a first-class service in a comfortable and private atmosphere with the best cuisine.

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