Paul Bakery: A lot MORE than breads and pastries

Paul Bakery: A lot MORE than breads and pastries

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 03:06:14

Under the slogan “A taste of France in Panama”, the internationally recognized French franchise PAUL came to Panama to provide an innovative bakery/cafeteria concept that has exalted the French cuisine around the world since 1889 where the quality and authenticity of ingredients make the consumer fall in love with their high-quality gastronomic proposal while leaving their stamp on the national market. PAUL enhances one of the most precious arts in France, the traditional love for a good bakery.

This family run business, which for five generations has carried the French flag high, is nowadays considered an emblem of good eating. Its extensive wiches, soups, quiches, cakes, crepes, breakfasts and more than 140 types of breads. They also offer a wide variety of drinks from teas, wines, beers, sodas, chocolate and coffee-based preparations.

It all started in 1889 in the town of Croix in northern France, where Charlemagne Mayot, a well-known baker, taught his son Edmond-Charlemagne Mayot in the art of baking, who over the years took over the business with the help of his wife. In the 1930s, his daughter Suzanne married Julien Holder, also a baker, and bought a bakery in Lille from the Paul family, a name that they kept for many years.

It was in 1955 that the concept of “PAUL” was born with the distinguishing black front shop and name in capital letters, being the first bakery that exhibited the ovens to the customers, an emblem that has been preserved until today. By 1972, a wood-burning stove was introduced to the original bakery in Lille, becoming so popular that the chain expanded to shopping centers in Paris and other French cities, while these ovens were incorporated into the overall design. Currently, PAUL is in more than 30 countries, raising the French flag in different capitals including: London, Washington, Tokyo, Dubai and now in Panama.

PAUL specializes in the preparation of various types of rustic breads made with flour of the highest quality, through a fermentation process that improves the flavors and guarantees a unique product. These breads are baked daily in front of the eyes of costumers to ensure freshness and thus provide quality products that meet their expectations. They also produce what is known in French as “Viennoiserie”, which are croissants, apple turnover and puff pastry-based pastries, typical for breakfast or snack.

All these products are made with the best quality ingredients, in fact, the different Viennoiserie are prepared with pure butter, avoiding the use of margarine, which guarantees a crunchy, authentic and fresh product that melts in contact with your palate. Many of these ingredients are imported directly from France to guarantee PAUL’s quality standards and preserve the original flavors.

PAUL’s symbolic glass cabinets always stand out for the variety of cakes and pastry displayed. The quantity of seasonal cakes, tarts and other gourmet desserts prepared with chocolate, fruit, and cream is just impressive. These sweet treats are good for any occasion, when meeting a friend, at lunch or during a coffee break. What better way to enjoy this moment than sharing a cake and a good coffee. We cannot fail to mention the chocolate moelleux, fruit tarts made from fluffy puff pastry, as well as the millefeuille and fruit charlottes, among other irresistible delights.

PAUL is also known as the “baker’s restaurant”. Once the client sits at the table, they will enjoy the complete bread experience. In PAUL you will find sandwiches, tarts, quiches, cakes, pancakes and salads prepared with great dedication which were created to match the culinary proposal of this charming place, where is possible to have lunch and dinner. In fact, salads and sandwiches are prepared at the moment with vegetables of the season to guarantee freshness and flavor.

In your next visit to PAUL, do not miss the exceptional baguettes and flûtes made by professional bakers trained in France who are in charge of preserving the preparation and cooking standards that guarantee a product similar to the one that you will find in any Parisian bakery. And we cannot leave out the colorful “macaroons” made with almonds whose origin comes from the so-called Italian “maccarone” and over the years has become a French tradition.

In short, PAUL is the ideal place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a light and fresh proposal prepared by experts who work passionately before the eyes of clients using seasonal ingredients while preparing the most unique dishes and daily baked bread to provide a product without comparison. PAUL is located in Multiplaza, Casco Viejo and will soon open its doors in the W Hotel Panama and Albrook Mall. In this way, if you are willing to live an experience of flavors and textures stop by PAUL and try the different dishes created to satisfy all tastes.

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