Kava - The Sexiest Sushi in PTY

Kava - The Sexiest Sushi in PTY

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 11:17:26

The Monster roll is an experience on the palate due to the right combination of kani tempura, dynamite mix, cream cheese and avocado, with plantain and Münster cheese on the top seasoned with an exquisite sweet sauce which leaves its unique touch, that you will only find in Kava Panama. The menu of this restaurant is rich in options, among the “raw” also highlights the Explosive Tiradito prepared with fresh cobia, yellow pepper and lemon.

This is a casual and chic restaurant with a dynamic sushi bar created to be simply enjoyed to the fullest, leaving aside any pretension while having a real and delicious sushi that enhances the original flavors of the Japanese cuisine. The restaurant by itself was designed to offer a sensory experience through the culinary proposal and unique ambience, a feeling that is perceived when you pass through the door as a result of its lighting, clear colors and impeccable design that provide harmony and tranquility to everyone.

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