Dainer 16 - The Best Flavors in the City

Dainer 16 - The Best Flavors in the City

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 10:40:04

Dainer 16 is located on the 65th St. in San Francisco. For over 4 years this restaurant has become “your home, away from home” for many customers. With a relaxed atmosphere, where comfort in both food and space is a value that stands out, it is the ideal place to go with friends, neighbors and family at any time of the day to spend a pleasant dining experience in a cozy environment, with the best service and a menu that reflects the true essence of Executive Chef Sergio Landero.

Dainer 16 has its name from the authentic American “diner” with Panamanian touches, and the 16th is the number of the house where they are located. This authentic restaurant is known by serving breakfast all day along with a menu that includes the famous omelets with waffles or pancakes, the exclusive Tortilla Preñada with corn tortillas mixed with bacon and Parmesan cheese. Other delicious dishes include:  French toast, the original Guiso Amador with sausages, fried eggs and tortillas, and the best-selling dish: Chicken & Waffles. In addition, Dainer 16 offers varied tapas or small bites, chicken wings, nachos and are famous for their delicious burgers.

In fact, in 2016 the restaurant won the Burger Week with the authentic “La Preñada y en Tentación”, a hamburger served with plantain, white cheese and beef with Panamanian chorizo, leaving a national touch.

This success gave them the reputation of having respectful burgers and today the menu features some really good options such as “The God Father”, a ribeye burger with pepperoni, bacon and double cheese. The burger menu goes by the most peculiar names, from Lincoln Burger, John Wayne, Gioconda, Quilombo, Cha-Madre, all created as a result of the passion and creativity of Chef Landero, who is a burger enthusiast that cooks with strong, but familiar flavors and unique combinations of ingredients.

To match this gastronomic proposal, Dainer 16 offers a comfortable bar called “Taproom 16” with a variety of national and imported beers from over 15 countries. Also, to support small artisan brewers they offer local beers. A little bit of everything for everyone and thus satisfying the demand of all customers.

Recently, a different chapter in Dainer 16’s history started under a new administration led by José Victoria, a young entrepreneur who wants to preserve the traditional concept of the restaurant, while improving the selection of beers and shakes, along with more activities to attract younger clients.They are planning to develop stand-up and trivia nights, as well as karaoke and movie nights in their private room with flavored popcorn. Just to go a little further and create a place where culture and good food merge to provide a different evening.

Dainer 16 offers spacious areas, with an independent VIP room separate from the restaurant where corporate events, birthdays and meetings are organized. They also have a pool table and screens to enjoy the best sporting events with a nice musical environment while having a cold beer. The good news is that Danier 16 recently opened its second restaurant called Taproom 16 in El Cangrejo, with a relaxed bar and tasty food under a concept of draft beer with 16 different brands and 16 flavors of chicken wings. For more details follow them at @somostaproom.16

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