Aria - The Best Flavors in the City

Aria - The Best Flavors in the City

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 09:54:28

Aria Panama is a high-end restaurant, where the contrast between contemporary and minimalist styles are reflected in each of their different spaces to provide a multisensory experience that seeks to enchant costumer’s palate through a gastronomic proposal based on a fusion oriental cuisine with flavors of the world that converge in one place. At Aria, the strong flavors of sesame, soy and oriental spices are intertwined with a creative and multifaceted menu that includes some of the best imported meat.

This innovative place aims to promote the concept of “tapas” or plates to share, with hot and cold dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere, creating a perfect synergy among all elements. With a meticulously prepared menu that is leaving a trace in the local trend, Aria wants to promote an elaborate and interesting haute cuisine, in a space that encourages a delicious experience at realistic prices. As part of its essence, Aria works with the best ingredients in the market and many of their products are prepared in home, such as desserts and breads that are created by expert confectioners, thus guaranteeing traditional flavors.

On Aria’s walls there are several golden maps that describe your location in the world, resulting in the “Aria Code”, a cocktail menu that allows customers to enjoy the flavors of the world in a glass, with an attractive presentation full of unique aromas and flavors. The cocktails featured in the Aria Code will take you around the globe, with unique names whose preparations use ingredients from each country. Among them are: Take me to Bombay, Ride to Manila or London Air. Additionally, every Thursday and Saturday Aria offers a “gin session”,

a cart that passes along the tables preparing the best mixes with live music and DJ’s.

Back to the menu, the dishes to share were designed to surprise. The Creole Beef Patacon with pulled meat, banana and avocado dices in a coriander aioli, it is simply an explosion in your mouth due to its combination of flavors. On the other hand, both the Spicy Hearts of Palm Ceviche and the Aria Ceviche prepared with fresh grouper are among the favorites of frequent customers.

As for the main dishes, the menu is divided into several categories, including: Del Mar, Entre Panes, Robata Grill, as well as salads, soups and oriental woks. For fish lovers, the Wild Grouper and the Ponzu Salmon with mashed potatoes will not disappoint you at all. And for those who prefer the grill, they use the traditional “robata”, a Japanese method of cooking where meat is roasted at high temperatures to preserve its flavor. Among the meats we can mention the Monster Bone in Rib Eye which is enough for 2 people.

The menu also offers vegan and vegetarian alternatives that adapt to the customer’s needs. And to finish this majestic culinary experience, the dessert should not be missed. In Aria they are famous for their churros prepared without milk and accompanied by either Nutella and dark chocolate dip (both prepared without milk too), as well as the original Coco Loco, a coconut shell on a bed of ice, coconut cream, vanilla ice cream and almonds decorated with coconut slabs, edible flowers and caramelized pineapples.

This multi-ambient restaurant offers a front boulevard, terrace, internal lounge, upper lounge, VIP lounge and rooftop ideal for special events, weddings, engagements, corporate events, and more.

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