Barrio Pizza - Restaurant

Barrio Pizza - Restaurant

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 09:29:04

La Pocotona from Barrio Pizza is an original pizza with marinated onions in oregano, Italian salami, bacon, pesto and Parmesan cheese, which comes to the table as a piece of art for its colorful ingredients and explosive flavors.

Barrio Pizza comes to transform the traditional image of a classic pizzeria, in a place where a modern atmosphere, inspired by New York touches, is combined with a gastronomic proposal that preserves the true essence of the real Neapolitan pizza. Although the menu is not only limited to pizzas, Barrio Pizza also offers “neighborhood” dishes such as the delicious Flow Meatballs with gratinated parmesan cheese, or melted cheese to share, ideal while waiting for your pizza, and for those looking for a good salad, it is also possible to find it here. Dessert cannot be missed, and the unbeatable Nutella Calzone is simply irresistible.

People love Barrio Pizza, and this great acceptance is reflected in the imminent growth that this concept has had since its opening in 2015, with 4 restaurants located in Costa del Este, Casco Viejo, Via Porras and Marbella.

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