Assisi - Italian Restaurant

Assisi - Italian Restaurant

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 09:21:10

Capressa, prepared with Napoli sauce, delicious mozzarella bocconcini, cherry tomato, fresh basil and oregano is among the most praised pizzas by Assisi’s regular customers. Certainly, Assisi’s pizzas stand out for their colorful and overwhelming mix of smells and flavors when freshly baked. The menu offers more than 10 different types of pizzas and the possibility of creating your own combination by selecting the most varied ingredients at an excellent price.

Assisi is a restaurant focused on creating an Italian gastronomic proposal different from the classical cuisine, where the grandmother’s old recipes merge to preserve intact the original flavors in a cutting-edge presentation. The fascinating aromas of the wood-fired oven invite you to enjoy a wide gastronomic proposal that, in addition to pizzas, includes soups, risottos, meats, salads and, especially, homemade pastas.

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