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Is the place to celebrate and experience Course Menu Dining a la Nouvelle Cuisine to enjoy your very own memorable dining extravaganza...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-04 07:28:53

Born and raised in the Black Forest town of Baden-Baden, Germany – an area well-known for its many Michelin-starred restaurants - Claudia Maria Luise learned to cook and bake from her mom and grandmother, using time-honored techniques. They taught her the importance of using fresh seasonal ingredients bringing out the authentic flavor of food. Since then, Claudia Maria Luise’s passion for cooking, as well as wine tasting, has led to regular appearances at various food and wine festivals in Germany and France.

In 2008, Claudia Maria Luise and her husband, a retired neuro surgeon, moved to Boquete, Panama. Drawn by the natural beauty of the area and the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, their decision to move permanently manifested itself soon after.

As the Executive Chef of SCHUMANN’S, Claudia Maria Luise treats diners to an international fare that is always healthy, full of flavor and made with seasonal ingredients. “Course Menu Dining with an Unforgettable Experience and Old Recipes with a new and Personal Touch.”

These exceptional gastronomic events have amazed the palate of the most demanding guests, while making its way to the top of the best dining experiences in Panama.

SCHUMANN’S in Boquete is the place to celebrate and experience Course Menu Dining a la ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’. To enjoy your very own memorable dining extravaganza, plan your reservation NOW! 

The SCHUMANN’S Team will cater to the flare that compliments your every wish.

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