Authentic Japanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisine combined with Latin American touches...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-03 02:56:16

Through an authentic Japanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisine combined with Latin American touches, Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop came to transform the local gastronomic offer, raising the culinary standards to the levels of big cosmopolitan cities like New York, Miami and London, while consolidating the image of Panama as an international gastronomic center. The name reflects both the character and authenticity of this concept, with wide and exotic spaces that include a terrace and a rooftop with a pool, where you will enjoy the best views of the city in an indomitable and very original environment, which sets the tone in Casco Viejo’s nightlife.

The comfort, elegance and good taste of Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop perfectly combine to offer a multisensory experience that is simply unforgettable. This innovative concept was born from a group of friends, who joined their multiple professions and passions to create a space with it’s own personality, so authentic and versatile that it will meet the expectations of those who dare to live this “wild” experience. Here you can enjoy an exquisite variety of dishes that show the tastes and experience of renowned chef Fermín Azkue. Discover the rooftop with a festive atmosphere, where magic and fire shows are part of the evening under the music of prominent resident and international DJs.

Salvaje’s wide menu is a journey through the world. Though, the restaurant is known for the incredible Japanese preparations and unique Nori Bar with only 4 seats. Let yourself be surprised by the exclusive Omakase experience, where the expert sushi chef will delight you with the most varied sushi and sashimi prepared with fresh ingredients, many of them imported directly from Japan to guarantee the best quality. This success has driven them to create a new nigiri bar on the penultimate floor that will soon enhance the sushi experience in Panama City, paired with the best Japanese sake and whiskeys.

Sharing the food with dishes in the middle of the table is a valuable Asian tradition and Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop has thought in every little detail to make the customers live the most authentic experience. This is why the menu goes through elaborate starters, among them the delicious Maitake mushroom dumplings in truffle cream and demi-glace, which simply melts on the palate with an original explosion of flavors.

In terms of the international proposal with Japanese touches, in Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop you will find the traditional “robata”, an authentic Japanese stove where they prepare various types of meat, from premium cuts of Angus, lamb, fish like the Branzino which is brought directly from the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, to the original grilled avocado, which simply becomes butter in your mouth. Not to mention the iconic sushi bar, well-known for its different combinations of ingredients resulting in an unparalleled sensory experience at very good prices.

The intrepid mixology of Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop has been created to perfectly match with their cuisine, as well as the nightlife on the rooftop, under the light of the stars and unparalleled views of this cosmopolitan city. Guided by renowned sommelier Felipe Castrillón, better known as “Cantinero Fiel”, this proposal enhances the authentic concept of the restaurant with very exotic and extravagant presentations. La Piñuela Amazónica or Shiso Senshi, are just a couple of names that stand out on this varied menu of cocktails.

This is how Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop has quickly become an icon of local cuisine and Casco Viejo’s nightlife center visited by internationally renowned celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Edgar Ramirez, among others. This is the best place to organize private events, celebrations, corporate meetings and enjoy any special occasion in a location designed to live a multisensory experience that will make you come back for more.

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