BurgerWeek 2020 - Beauty & the Butcher

This recipe has created the most famous burgers of the world including the original Beauty Cheeseburger prepared with 100% beef...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-02 03:25:11

In March 2020, the 7th edition of Panama Burger Week will be held. It is considered one of the most important gastronomic events in the city.

For over 20 days, restaurants will offer creative and fun burgers to delight the most demanding palates, while selling thousands of these original creations every day.

Burger Week 2020 ends with the famous Burger Challenge Festival to crown the Burger Master Chef of the Year in an exciting event that includes the selection of finalists who will compete to prepare the most original Winner Burger with secret ingredients.


The Burger Challenge attracts more than 3,000 people who will see the competition live, while enjoying a festival with excellent atmosphere, good music, drinks and exquisite food.

The history of Beauty & the Butcher has enchanted the Panamanian cuisine. The story started in some coast of Panama, where an upset old butcher saw a little girl looking out of her kitchen’s window every day. One day, the old butcher decided to surprise her with a burger and she thanked him with a smile.

Time passed by and the butcher’s heart became softer, to almost loving the girl like a daughter. During his last days the old man decided to give his humble butcher’s shop to his only friend. To her surprise, everything was painted in pink with a recipe on the table.

This recipe has created the most famous burgers of the world, including the original Beauty Cheeseburger prepared with 100% beef, homemade bread, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato and the unique Beauty sauce, with a delicious spicy touch.

Beauty’s burgers are always paired with their artistic courtyard in Casco Viejo and the famous Lucky Sunday, a tasty vanilla ice cream to close with a flourish! Follow them on @beautyandthebutcher and make sure to try Beauty & the Butcher’s new creation for Burger Week 2020.

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