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How much time do you spend communicating with people from your phone compared to your computer...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-02 02:24:38

The world is changing, and changing faster than ever. Sometimes even faster than we can keep up with.  As people, we often get set in our ways and find it hard to change, to keep up with the times. The good times, though we’ll always reminisce about the old days. Remember when a phone was just a phone? Was there life before the internet and email? Guess what, email is quickly becoming obsolete, and your phone is no longer a phone but rather a Personal Device. A device that is quickly replacing the Personal Computer. 

How much time do you spend communicating with people from your ‘phone’ compared to your computer?  We don’t even like to call people anymore but prefer to connect via text and voice notes on WhatsApp.

When you see the other person has read your message, you expect an immediate reply; when you read someone else’s message, you know they are expecting an instant response. And then there are the Apps, the wave of the future. Apps are now at the forefront of the financial and home-delivery services. Open your personal device and conduct a financial transaction, or order some food from your favorite restaurant at the touch of a button, wherever you may be. Immediacy of demand—immediacy of supply.  Welcome to the future!

At Proserv we’re keeping up with the times. The Good Times!  Where technology is transformative, where it actually makes life easier, much easier. While we were once considered a ‘distributor,’ a mere deliverer of goods, the evolution of technology has enabled us to become a full-service company.

Gone are the days when one of our salesmen stood in front of a buyer with paper and pen to take an order. Gone are the days when we dropped off a twenty-page catalogue listing the thousand-plus products we offer with arcane codes and no visual descriptions, inciting the recipient to yawn and put the catalogue on a shelf to collect dust. Our sales people are now specialized and highly trained to understand your business. They don’t take orders anymore. Rather, they are there to support you by understanding your business and providing personalized services.

Moreover, today, you can see the thousand-plus products we offer online, or even, on your personal device by accessing the Proserv App, where all of our products are displayed with clean images and simple descriptions. Just like Amazon, you can build your shopping cart right from your phone and hit the check-out button and have your order delivered the next day. You can even call a sales advisor directly by phone at any time, day or night, to receive personalized service.

So please visit our website at and sign up for an account and the unsurpassed service we strive to provide for each and every one of our customers.

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