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Tasty goal is to help you keep a healthy diet and for this reason the menu walks through the most varied of healthy dishes...

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-02 11:13:44

Tasty is an original concept of healthy and natural cuisine located in PH The Ocean Club (former Trump Tower). This restaurant offers a friendly and modern ambience where the flawless decoration contrasts with the color of plants and fruits hanging on the bar, in a space that evokes a certain European charm. In this place, you can taste dishes that highlight a healthy diet rich in flavors prepared with local products and the most creative recipes.

We are what we eat and, in Tasty, the goal is to help you keep a healthy diet. For this reason, the menu walks through the most varied salads, poke bowls, breakfasts, sushi, sashimi and much more.

Tasty’s proposal adapts to multiple diets, whether vegetarian, vegan, lactose free or allergic to nuts, you will always find the best option for you! From delicious Açaí Bowls, a fruit originally from Brazil that is known for its many nutritional properties; followed by the most creative salads and wraps where you can choose the protein of your preference for an additional price.

Among Tasty’s flagship dishes, try the toasts with chickpeas, eggs or salmon on whole wheat bread, as well as the Acapulco Wrap and Yogurt Parfait, which is another unmissable dish.

Within this healthy trend, natural juices and original cold pressed juices are the best way to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables in a glass. Either the Green Detox, Wise Ginger or the energizing Vitamin C-Trus, are amoungst the favorite juices for the excellent combination of flavors and health benefits.

This successful proposal has been widely accepted in Panama City allowing them to expand their operations to a second branch in Pacific Center that will open in February 2020, with a even more relaxed and casual concept. Tasty opens from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner.

Led by the French group Monsieur Hospitality, creators of Tasty, Riviera will soon be released. This original restaurant specialized in Mediterranean cuisine comes to illuminate the terrace of JW Marriott Hotel. This modern and elegant restaurant inspired by a luxurious yacht with elaborate design, offers an impeccable internal area with a terrace that combines the effervescent rainforest of Panama with the deck of a ship overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This place was specially designed to live a unique culinary experience in Panama.

Riviera comes to improve the classic Mediterranean cuisine with a modern and fresh gastronomic proposal based on large portions that can be shared. The authenticity of Riviera lies in the use of the right ingredients, both local and imported, to guarantee unique flavors. This will be the ideal place to organize private events, corporate meetings, birthdays and much more, with large spaces, great service and the unique ambience that will make you feel special.

Stay tuned with Riviera’s inauguration by following them on Instagram at @Riviera_Panama and Facebook at RivieraPanama or visit www.rivierapanama.com and let yourself be surprised by this cutting-edge gastronomic proposal in the heart of Punta Pacifica.

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