La Fabrica Restaurant & Pub

La Fabrica Restaurant & Pub

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-02 08:49:44

La Fábrica is a Brewhouse complex that features International Brewers (an authentic craft brewery) and a Gastropub located in the same location. The originality of this place lies in the in-house elaboration of practically all their gastronomic proposal. From all the beers that supply the handmade siphons, to the ingredients used in their most creative recipes that have captivated all those who seek to discover new flavors and enjoy a different evening.

In La Fábrica, the Brew Master, better known as “El Dictador” has come to revolutionize the national market by creating several beers, including Las Américas, Dictator (honoring his name), Transporter and Capunga. All these beers are winners! And every launch of a new beer in La Fábrica is a celebration, a show created to entertain everyone!

The original “Mama Yo Quiero” is the latest creation of La Fábrica. This beer was born from the combination of two countries known for their ancestral culture and fascination for beer which are: Germany and Belgium. During the recent launch of Mama yo Quiero, the decoration and atmosphere were transformed to recreate this beer. Bottles of beer were baby’s bottles, waiters were big babies in diapers and the competitions highlighted this concept. It was certainly an amazing event that set the tone for future releases.

The recommendation is to save the date for the next launch party!

La Fábrica also organizes beer tours for people who are interested in learning about the processes and ingredients necessary in the elaboration of this precious liquid. You can end your visit with a glass of beer and a souvenir, or even stay longer to enjoy the delicious food of La Fábrica. They also offer beer catering for weddings, events, private parties, concerts and much more.

The “town” declared La Fábrica as the official organizer of the Oktoberfest in Panama, a merit granted by the participants who enjoyed a few days full of activities, challenges, fun, German-style food with the twist of La Fábrica and lots and lots of beer! The success of Oktoberfest 2019 was so remarkable that the countdown for this year is already published on the official website of the event: for 2020.

The versatility of La Fábrica makes of this place the ideal location to organize events and celebrations. In fact, they recently hosted their first wedding, an event where every small detail was taken into consideration to make this unique moment in life, an incredible party! As stated by the bride, who said “They were part since day one of this adventure and we felt that we could never have represented our history as we did if we had chosen another place.”

Let yourself be surprised by La Fábrica and plan your next event, celebration or wedding in this original place where your dreams will come true! For more information, visit and follow them on @lafabricapty on Instagram & Facebook.

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